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Get free access to high-quality episodes of your favorite Anime shows with AnimeDao.

Animation is becoming a huge part of entertainment nowadays. We all love to watch animation without wasting a single penny. There are various streaming services out there that feature various animated movies and TV shows. One such service is AnimeDao, a torrent site that offers various animated movies and TV series in multiple languages. This particular service comes with power-packed features that will attract more users towards it. Let us see a detailed review on AnimeDao.

Is AnimeDao legal?

Posting copyright contents without the owner’s consent is a crime, and such sites have been banned in many countries. The site re-encodes the originally released contents and produces them in HD. Moreover, these sites make money with pop-up ads. While clicking on them, your device may subject to malware attack. Additionally, hackers can also access this kind of website. This kind of illegitimate portals can cause some serious issues as they are into piracy, which may cause issues to the users. So it is better to avoid such kinds of sites. And about the AnimeDao site is legal or not, yes, the site is illegal.

Why use a VPN?

While using the sites that have pirated content, it is better to use a VPN. VPN will hide the IP address of your device and make you look anonymous. By doing this, your device will be prevented from being tracked by Government, or iSP, or Hackers. Moreover, few VPN services come with security software to prevent your device from malware attacks. Apart from that, a VPN can bypass geo-restrictions and access contents that have been restricted to your area.

Features of AnimeDao

Here are few important features of AnimeDao that will attract its users.

  • It offers various animated movies and TV shows in multiple languages.
  • The website has got a user-friendly interface and an intuitive layout so that the users will have easy access to it.
  • The site offers various latest animated content, which implies that they update their library now and then.
  • It offers the users to bookmark their favorite contents and also provide instant notifications of upcoming shows.
  • AnimeDao is the only animation website that comes with a dark theme.
  • The site also offers its users to search for contents in alphabetical order.

How to Watch AnimeDao

FYI, the AnimeDao domain will keep on changing as the site will be banned, and they really wanted to cater to the need of their users. So make sure what domain is AnimeDao currently using and then proceed with the steps. The content can be accessed from any device which had access to an internet and web browser.

1) Launch any of your favourite browser on your device from which you want to stream AnimeDao.

2) Go to the AnimeDao site.

3) Connect your device to a VPN and then browse or search for the contents you want to stream.

4) Select the video you want to play.

5) Hit on the Play button.

Contents of AnimeDao

This particular site offers a tremendous amount of animated content under a plethora of categories. Moreover, the users can access nearly 2000+ animated movies and TV shows for free with English subtitles. The following are the different genres available.

1. Adventure
2. Action
3. Comedy
4. Cartoon
5. Drama
6. English
7. Fantasy
8. Game
9. Horror
10. Historical
11. Harem
12. Kids
13. Martial Arts
14. Magic
15. Military
16. Music
17. Mystery
18. Police
19. Parody
20. Psychology
21. Romance
22. Samurai
23. School
24. Sci-Fi
25. Seinen
26. Space
27. Sports
28. Supernatural
29. Superpower
30. Thriller
31. Vampire

Alternatives for AnimeDao

  2. Kissanime
  3. GoGoAnime
  4. Tubi TV
  5. Crunchyroll
  6. Funimation
  7. Animeheaven
  8. Animefreak
  9. Chia-Anime
  10. 4Anime
  11. MyAnimeList
  12. Hulu
  13. Netflix
  14. Disney Plus


  • This site provides the latest episodes of trending TV shows and movies.
  • The site comes with large thumbnails and contents information with a release date.
  • You can find summaries and reviews of the content you are streaming.
  • The menu is so simple that it makes the site easy, even for beginners.
  • Also, it got an auto-play feature that makes the streaming experience more enjoyable.


  • The site is not secure at all as it can bring malware and cause some serious damage to your device.
  • It provides pirated content that brings some legal issues.
  • Though it claims itself as ad-free content you can find various annoying ads, pop-ups, and banners.

Our Verdict

AnimeDao is considered one of the best sites to stream various animations for free. It provides the user a hassle-free and smooth streaming experience. It acts as a one-stop-shop for all your animation requirements. Moreover, it got a portfolio that will be updated now and then. Though it has its own perks and cons, it is fun to watch an umpteen number of free animations.

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