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How to Backtrack on Bumble – Undo Accidental Left Swipe

Undo the last left swipe on on Bumble using the Backtrack feature.

Key Highlights

  • On Desktop: Head to the Bumble website → Sign in to your account → Click the Two arrows icon.
  • On Smartphone: Open the Bumble app → Sign in to your account → Tap the Backward Arrow button.
  • You can also shake your smartphone to undo the left swipe.

Did you mistakenly swipe left on potential matches on Bumble? Don’t get heated, here is the solution, Bumble has the Backtrack feature, which is used to restore or take back your last swipe. You can backtrack as many times as you want to get back the mistaken swipe. With this feature, you can backtrack the missed matches and connect to them.

The Backtrack feature is only available for Bumble Boost and Bumble Premium subscribers. If you are using the free account, you can’t use this feature. So, get a subscription or free trial from Bumble to undo the accidental left swipe.

How to Backtrack on Bumble through Desktop

[1]. On your desktop, launch the web browser and go to the Bumble website.

[2]. Sign in to your account if prompted.

[3]. Then, click on the Two Arrows icon next to the X icon at the top of the screen.

Backtrack on Bumble through Desktop

[4]. Once done, you can backtrack what you swipe left on Bumble.

How to Backtrack on Bumble on Smartphone

[1]. Launch the Bumble app on your smartphone.

[2]. At the top left corner of the screen, tap on the Arrow button.

The post you accidentally swiped left will be backtracked on your Bumble app.

Alternate Method

[1]. Open the Bumble app or site on your smartphone and sign in.

[2]. Shake your smartphone in the “to and fro” action.

How to Backtrack on Bumble

[3]. Now, tap on the Swipe to Backtrack option in the middle of the screen.

Backtrack on Bumble on Smartphone

Note: You can use the backtrack feature three times every three hours.

Bumble Backtrack Is Not Working – Troubleshooting Methods

If the Backtrack feature on the Bumble app is not working properly, you can follow the possible troubleshooting methods given below.

  • The Backtrack feature will work for the recent swipe action. If you right-swipe a profile after left swiping one or more profiles, you can’t use the Backtrack feature to undo the left swipes.
  • If you close the app, the profile that you have left swiped will be gone forever. You can’t use the Backtrack feature for that profile.
  • If you are using Bumble for the first time in a day, swipe right and then swipe left to get the arrow at the top of the screen.
  • Sign out from your Bumble account.
  • Delete the Bumble app on your smartphone.
  • Try to clear the App Cache and browser cookies on your device.
  • Reinstall the Bumble app and sign in to your account.

Check if the issue is solved; otherwise, contact the Bumble customer support team to solve the issue.

Tip: If you are not interested in Bumble, cancel the subscription and delete the Bumble account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to backtrack when I unintentionally swipe right on Bumble?

No, the Backtrack feature will work only when you swipe left on your Bumble premium account.

How to get more Backtracks on Bumble?

Initially, you will get three Backtracks for a day. If you have used all three, you need to wait three hours to get three backtracks.

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