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How to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction

Bypass age restrictions and enjoy every video on YouTube.

From a born baby to an elderly one, YouTube has content for everyone. But not everyone can see the same content. Some inappropriate content will appear while a child is watching the service. So the parents might have activated the restricted mode. It will help the children and keep them out of their reach. But sometimes, it may even block some important videos, which will be extremely annoying. So here is how you can bypass the YouTube age restriction.

Bypass YouTube Age Restriction

The following are the various ways you can Bypass YouTube Age Restriction.

  1. Disable Restricted Mode
  2. Using VLC Media Player
  3. Using NSFW
  4. Listen on Repeat
  5. NewPipe
  6. Embed Link
  7. Bypass YouTube Restrictions on TV
  8. Proxy Website
  9. Download YouTube Videos
  10. Create a New Account
  11. FreeTube on PC

Disable Restricted Mode to Bypass YouTube Age Restriction

You can disable the restricted mode in the YouTube app on your Android mobile or iPhone.

#1 Open the YouTube app and tap the Profile picture.

YouTube  Settings

#2 Select the Settings option.

YouTube Settings

#3 Choose General settings.

YouTube Settings General

#4 Scroll down to Restricted Mode.

Bypass YouTube Age Restrictions

#5 Turn off the toggle to disable the mode.

Using VLC Media Player

You can also use the VLC Media Player to stream YouTube videos without any restriction.

#1 Install the VLC Media Player on your device.

VLC Media Player

#2 Now, open the app and tap the More option or the three-dotted icon.

#3 Tap the New Stream option.

#4 Place the URL of the YouTube Video you want to watch.

#5 Tap the arrow next to it.

#6 Now, the Media Player will load the respective video.

Using NSFW

Not Safe For Work is the fastest option to bypass the restrictions. Here is how to use it.

#1 Open any YouTube video with age restrictions.

#2 On the address bar, use NSFW between WWW. and It will look something like
Use NSFW to YouTube Age Restrictions Bypass

#3 Hit the Enter button.

#4 The video will now be played on your device, bypassing all restrictions.

Listen on Repeat

It is yet another way to use the URL of the video to stream without any restriction.

#1 Launch the YouTube site and play any age-restricted video.

#2 Click on the URL of the restricted video.

#3 To play the video without any restriction, add repeat after youtube. The URL will look like this

#4 After changing the URL, hit the Enter button.

#5 The video will load and play from another website.


This method works on your Android phone or tablet.

#1 Open a web browser on your Android device.

#2 Go to the official site of NewPipe.

Download NewPipe

#3 Download and install the latest version of this app.

Download NewPipe

#4 Open the app and tap the three horizontal lines at the top-left corner of the screen.

#5 Choose Settings.

NewPipe Settings

#6 Choose Content.

NewPipe Settings Content

Enable the toggle indicating Show Age Restricted Content.

Use NewPipe to Bypass YouTube Age Restrictions

#7 Now, you can enjoy streaming Youtube videos without any restrictions.

Embed Link

#1 Open any YouTube Video with age restrictions.

#2 Click on the Video URL link.

#3 Instead of watch?v, use embed/.

#4 Hit the Enter button, and the video will load for you to play.

FreeTube on PC

FreeTube is an application like NewPipe, but it is completely for PC.

#1 Download the FreeTube app on your computer from its official site.

Use Proxy Website to bypass YouTube age restrictions

#2 Install the app after extracting the file.

#3 Copy the URL of the age-restricted video.

#4 Paste the URL into FreeTube.

#5 Now, the video will start playing on FreeTube.

Bypass YouTube Restrictions on TV

Most TV uses the brand account as the default account. These accounts are age-restricted ones. You can escape those restrictions by logging in to your account. If the restricted mode is on, here is how to change it.

#1 Open the YouTube app on your Smart TV.

#2 Go to Settings and choose General.

#3 Scroll down to the Restricted Mode.

#4 Then, turn it off for your account.

#5 Now, you can easily stream those videos.

Proxy Website

Using Proxy Website will also help you to bypass YouTube age restrictions. There are many proxy websites available online. Use the reliable ones at your own risk.

#1 On YouTube, play any video you want with age restrictions.

#2 Now, copy the URL of the video.

#3 Add an additional tab and go to the Proxy Site:

#4 Paste the URL that you copied here and click Go.

Use Proxy Website to bypass YouTube age restrictions

#5 Now, the video will be playing on your device.

Download YouTube Videos

The most secure way is to watch YouTube videos offline. There are many apps that you can use to download YouTube videos, like the 4K Video Downloader. You can easily download YouTube Videos on your Smartphone and PC. You can use apps like TubeMate, Snaptub, Vidmate, etc. Viewing videos offline will demolish all the age restrictions. All you have to do is copy and paste the URL of the YouTube Video you want to stream.

Create a New Account

Mostly, it is better to create a new account so that you will not go against any community guidelines. Streaming videos in any of the above leads to security issues or copyright infringements. In addition, it may bring harm to your device and data. So you can always use another account by specifying the age above 18. It will finally give you a hand with bypassing the age restrictions. You can also bypass YouTube age restrictions without signing in.

Also, a few Google Chrome Extensions will help you bypass YouTube Age Restrictions. Moreover, you can use all the above methods to bypass age restrictions in Firefox too.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to bypass YouTube Age Verification Online?

While creating the account itself, you must provide your original age. If your age is above 18, you can automatically bypass all restrictions. If not, your account needs authentication.

2. Is there are bypassing YouTube Age Restriction Extensions?

There are various extensions available to bypass the restrictions like NSFW, embed, repeat, etc.

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