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How to Type Heart Symbol on Keyboard [3 Easy Ways]

Insert the Heart symbol on your own without the need to copy and paste from a website.

Ever saw this Heart symbol (♥) while browsing through blogs and journals. You can easily add emojis in the smartphone, but in PC keyboards, you need to know the exact shortcut key to enter the Heart symbol on the keyboard. The heart symbol is one of the most used ones on Facebook and WhatsApp chats. Some people avoid using social media platforms from their PCs just for the unavailability of the heart symbols and other emojis. In this article, we will tell you how to type the heart symbol easily using your PC keyboard.

Ways to Type Heart Symbols

  • In Windows PCs
  • In Mac PCs
  • Using Character Map

How to Type Heart Symbol on Keyboard in Windows PC

(1) Place the cursor where you want to enter the Heart symbol.

(2) Make sure that the Num Lock is turned on.

(3) Press the keyboard combination Alt + 3. You should press the Num 3 key from the Numeric pad and not the one from the top of the alphabet row. The heart symbol will appear.

Heart Keyboard Symbol

You can use this shortcut key anywhere like Microsoft Office, Gmail, WhatsApp, and other similar platforms.

If your PC keyboard doesn’t have a dedicated Numpad, you can use the Num keys placed above the alphabets. But the key combination should be Fn + Alt + 3.

Heart Keyboard Symbol

How to Type Heart Symbol on Keyboard in Mac PCs

In Mac PCs, you can’t use the keyboard shortcuts. You have to use the Symbol Viewer.

(1) Click the Apple logo on the top left corner.

Apple logo

(2) Follow the command System Preferences > Keyboards. Tick the Show Keyboard, Emoji, & Symbol Viewers in menu bar option.

(3) Now, place the cursor where you want to enter the Heart symbol.

(4) Follow the command Edit > Emoji & Symbols.

(5) The Characters dialog box will appear. Choose the Emoji option.

(6) Under Emojis, select Symbols and choose the Heart symbol from the list of emojis.

How to Type Heart Symbol on Keyboard using Character Map

This method is only available on Windows 7 and earlier versions. The latest version of Windows OS doesn’t have this feature.

(1) Open the Character Map application on your Windows PC.

(2) Click the Advanced view if it is not enabled.

Heart Keyboard Symbol

(3) Now, on the Group by drop-down option, choose Unicode Subrange.

Heart Keyboard Symbol

(4) A small dialog box will open. Choose Symbols & Dingbats option.

Symbols & Dingbats

(5) An array of symbols will appear on the table. Select the heart symbol and click the Copy button to copy the heart symbol to the clipboard.

(6) Now, paste the heart symbol anywhere you want on your blog.

After this, you no longer need to copy the heart symbol from a webpage and paste it on your blog. You can insert the heart symbol on your own.

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To conclude

These are the three ways that you can insert a heart symbol on your PC. So, when the next time, you need to enter a heart symbol on your conversation or on your blog, just use any one of the methods mentioned above. If you know any other way to enter the heart symbol, tell us in the comments section.

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