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How to Cancel Instacart Subscription in 2 Ways

Cancel the Instacart+ subscription anytime on the browser or mobile app.

Key Highlights

  • Browser: Log inHamburger icon → Your Instacart+ membershipCancel MembershipContinue to cancelSelect the reasonEnd On (date).
  • Mobile app: Log in Hamburger icon → Your Instacart+ membershipCancel MembershipContinue to cancelChoose the reasonEnd On (date).

Nowadays, people mostly depend on online services to buy groceries and other essentials. One of the most trusted and widely used brands by people to purchase groceries is Instacart. Instacart delivers groceries to users quickly at an affordable price compared to its competitors. Some users who have subscribed to Instacart+ membership get additional benefits, such as free delivery, etc. If you have subscribed to the Instacart membership and no longer need or want to terminate it for other reasons, you can cancel the subscription permanently from the website or app, based on your convenience.

How to Cancel Instacart Subscription on Browser

[1]. Open the default browser on your Mac/Windows and go to Instacart’s official website []. Log in to your account using the necessary credentials.

[2]. Click the Hamburger icon (three horizontal bars) at the top left of the page.

Tap on the Hamburger icon

[3]. Click Your Instacart+ membership option from the menu lists.

Select Your Instacart+ membership to Cancel Instacart Subscription

[4]. Scroll down to the bottom and click Cancel Membership under the Payment section.

tap the Cancel Membership on Instacart

[5]. On the confirmation page, click Continue to cancel.

tap the Continue to cancel button.

[6]. Once again, click the Continue to cancel button to confirm your cancellation.

click the Continue to cancel button

[7]. A Confirm membership cancellation page will open. Choose the reason from the drop-down menu list for canceling your Instacart subscription and add the comments on Why are you leaving? box (I like to leave feedback).

tap the End On date to Cancel Instacart Subscription

[8]. Check the end date of your membership and click End On (specific date). If your wish to continue the service, click Keep my membership (bottom).

Once you cancel your Instacart subscription, the Auto-renewal option will turn off automatically. Also, you will get a confirmation mail from Instacart once you terminate the subscription.

Note: You can claim a refund when you cancel the membership within 15 days of the subscription (If you haven’t placed the orders). Also, you can enjoy the additional benefits till the end of the billing date if you have canceled the membership before the renewal date.

How to Cancel Instacart Subscription on Smartphone

[1]. On your Android or iPhone, launch the Instacart app.

[2]. Sign In to your account using Instacart login credentials.

[3]. On the home screen, tap the Hamburger icon at the top left.

tap the hamburger icon

[4]. Scroll down and tap Your Instacart+ membership.

find the Your Instacart+ membership

[5]. You can see the details of your existing membership on a new screen. Tap the Cancel Membership (bottom).

tap the Cancel Membership option to Cancel Instacart Subscription

[6]. Again, tap Continue to Cancel on the confirmation page.

click on the Continue to Cancel button

[7]. Choose the reason for canceling your membership from the drop-down menu and tap End On (Specific Date) to complete the process.

tap the End On [Date] button

Note: Deleting your Instacart account without canceling the subscription doesn’t terminate the membership. You must cancel the subscription to cancel the account.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Instacart offers a free trial?

Yes. Instacart offers a 14-day free trial only for new users. Once the trial period ends, you must subscribe to the membership plans.

2. What is the cost of Instacart?

Instacart provides two subscription plans. USD 9.99/mon for the Monthly plan and USD 99/year for the Annual plan ($8.25/month).

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