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How to Cancel Kayo Subscription on Smartphone & PC

Stopped using Kayo? Cancel the subscription and avoid getting charged automatically.

Kayo is simply called the Netflix of Sports. With a Kayo subscription, you will get access to watch everything on 50 sports: live matches, replays, documentaries, interviews, and more. Kayo offers an app to watch your favorite sports content on smartphones, tablets, streaming devices, smart TVs, and computers. There are two subscription plans available in Kayo: Basic ($25/month) and Premium ($35/month). Both the plans offer a 14-day free trial for new users. If you want to cancel or take a break from your Kayo subscription, it easy to cancel it anytime. Even after canceling your subscription, you can enjoy the features till the end of your billing period.

How to Cancel Kayo Subscription Using Android & iPhone

Follow these steps when you’re subscribed to Kayo plans through the mobile application.

{1} Open the Kayo app and sign in with your Kayo account.

{2} Click on Menu and select My Account.

{3} Click Manage Account. It will take you to a web browser on your device.

{4} Enter your email address/username and password.

{5} Click on your profile and select “Cancel Subscription.”

{6} Select Confirm/I Agree to cancel the subscription.

How to Cancel Kayo Subscription

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How to Cancel Kayo Subscription Using a Web browser

{1} Visit the Kayo website on your PC or Mac web browser.

{2} Sign in to your Kayo account.

{3} Select your profile icon and then open the Menu.

{4} Select “My Account.”

{5} Click “Cancel Subscription.”

Cancel Kayo Subscription

{6} Select “I Agree” to confirm your cancellation.

Cancel Kayo Subscription

{7] Mention the reason for cancellation and click Finish.

{8} Finally, a confirmation message will be sent to your email address.

How to Cancel Kayo Subscription Using iTunes

If you have opted for the Kayo subscription via iTunes on iPhone/iPad or Apple TV, here are the steps to cancel it.


  • Go to Settings.
  • Select your Apple ID account name.
  • Select Subscriptions.
  • Under the Active section, choose the Kayo subscription.
  • Click Cancel Subscription and cancel the service.

Apple TV:

  • Go to Settings and select the Account section.
  • Tap on Manage Subscriptions and enter your password.
  • Choose the Kayo subscription and then turn off the auto-renewal.

As we said earlier, you can access the Kayo subscription features until the end of your billing cycle. Even without the subscription, you can watch free content on Kayo. You can resubscribe to the service whenever you want.

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