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How to Restart Google TV to Fix Temporary Issues

Restart Google TV without losing any data files using two methods.

Google TV is a media streaming device developed and launched by Google. It can be plugged into your TV to install and stream any streaming apps on your ordinary TV. You don’t need to buy or replace your TV with a smart TV. Instead, buy a Google TV device and connect it on your TV watch all the favorite apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Hulu, and more. Sometimes, you might face a hanging issue, or your device might be stuck on any screen. It is important to know how to restart Google TV to solve the issue yourself without spending money on technicians.

The steps to restart your Google TV is simple as restarting your Android or iPhone. If your entire system gets hanged on a particular screen, you can for the force restart method.

How to Restart Chromecast with Google TV

If your device UI gets slow, you can use this method to restart the device.

1. Turn on your Google TV and navigate to home screen.

2. In the top right corner, tap on your Profile icon.

3. Tap the Settings button in the popup.

4. In the left menu, tap System and then click Restart.

How to Restart Google TV

5. Tap Restart in the popup and the process will start immediately.

click Restart button

Force Restart Chromecast with Google TV

If your device gets hanged in-between streaming or while using Google TV, then follow the below method.

1. Unplug Google TV and the TV from the power source.

remove the plug - How to Restart Google TV

2. Wait for minimum a minute or two and then insert the cable back in to the power source.

3. Plug the cables back and then turn on it.

That’s all. You have successfully rebooted your Google TV. Please note that reboot and reset are different processes. If you reset Google TV, then all your information on the device will be formatted completely. You cannot recover it in the future, while restart is just restarting the device, and no information will be lost.

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