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How to Cancel Walmart Plus Subscription or Free Trial

Cancel your Walmart+ subscription when it is not needed anymore.

Key Highlights

  • Online: Visit Walmart’s website → Walmart+ icon → Manage MembershipCancel Walmart+ → Choose a reason → Cancel Membership.
  • App: Walmart App → Pickup and DeliveryHamburger icon → Walmart+Cancel Walmart+ → Confirm the cancellation.
  • You can also cancel the membership by calling (800) 924-9206.

Walmart Plus offers huge benefits and discounts on almost all essential products. These benefits can be availed on both online shopping and at stores. It costs $13 per month and $98 per year. Sometimes, you might realize it’s too expensive for its benefits, and you do not want to waste money on this anymore. In that situation, you can cancel your Walmart Plus subscription or free trial by using the app or logging into your account online.

How to Cancel Walmart Plus Online Using a Browser

[1] Open a web browser on your Mac or Windows PC.

[2] Visit and sign in to your account.

[3] Ensure that you have logged into your Walmart account.

[4] Tap on the Walmart+ icon on the top-right corner of the home screen.

[5] On the next page, click Manage Membership on the front side of the screen.

Manage Walmart+ Membership

[6] Scroll down to select Cancel Walmart+ at the bottom of the page.

Cancel Walmart+

[7] Confirm your Walmart+ cancellation.

How to Cancel Walmart Plus

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How to Cancel Walmart Plus Membership on App

[1] Open Walmart app on your mobile or tablet.

[2] Ensure that you have logged into your Walmart account. If not, sign in with your credentials.

How to Cancel Walmart Plus

[3] On the home page, click Pickup and Delivery.

[4] At the top-left corner of the Home page, press the three-line icon.

[5] On the new page, tap Walmart+.

[6] On the following page, select Cancel Walmart+ Account.

[7] You will be asked again to confirm your Walmart+ cancellation.

[8] After confirmation, you will receive a notification acknowledging that you are no longer a Walmart+ member. However, you can still use your Walmart+ benefits until your current pay cycle expires.

[9] Once your Walmart+ account expires, you will no longer be charged, and you will be stopped from enjoying the benefits.

How to Cancel Walmart Plus Membership by Calling Customer Care

The last method to cancel your Walmart Plus membership is by directly calling the support team of Walmart+ at (800) 924-9206. They are available all days from 8 AM to 10 PM CST. People tend to take this way when they experience poor internet connection or when the app hangs. Calling Customer Care might sound easier to cancel your Walmart Plus subscription, but you need to have immense patience for the customer care representative to attend your call. Because the customer care lines are usually busy and it will take a while to attend to each call.

Contact Walmart Customer Care to Cancel Walmart Plus Membership

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Walmart Plus membership at any time?

Yes. You can cancel the Walmart+ membership at any time by following the above-mentioned methods.

Does Walmart Plus charge for a free trial?

Walmart Plus offers a 30-day trial completely free of cost. Once the free trial ends, you will be charged $12.98 per month or $98 per year.

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