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How to Change Apple ID Phone Number

Effective ways to change the phone number associated with your Apple account.

Apple ID is an essential thing to use Apple devices and its services. While creating an Apple ID, you must enter a phone number, existing email address, and other basic details. Whenever you decide to change the trusted phone number associated with your Apple ID, you can change it easily from the iPhone or iPad settings. You can also change it by using a web browser.

apple id account to change phone number

iPhone – Go to Settings > click on your Apple ID > choose Password and Security > select Trusted Phone Number > delete the existing number > add a new trusted phone number.

How to Change Primary or Trusted Phone Number for Apple ID [Using iPhone]

#1. Open Settings on your iPhone.

tap on settings to change phone number

#2. Click on your Apple ID at the top of the screen.

#3. Select Password and Security.

click on password and security

#4. Click the Edit icon located next to the TRUSTED PHONE NUMBER menu.

tap on blue color edit button

#5. Select the red-colored minus symbol located before the existing number and choose Delete.

#6. Now, click on Add a trusted phone number.

add a trusted phone number

#7. Enter the device passcode for verification purposes.

enter passcode

#8. Enter the new number you want and click on Send.

type new number for apple id account

#9. Complete the verification process by entering the verification code you have received.

How to Change Account Recovery Phone Number for Apple ID Using Browser

#1. Open a browser on Mac or Windows and visit the Apple ID page.

#2. Sign in to your account with the necessary credentials.

#3. Click on the Account Security option.

#4. Click + icon located next to the trusted phone number option.

#5. Choose your country and enter the phone number you want.

#6. Choose the verification method you want and click on the Continue option.

#7. Complete the verification purpose the add the number.

Update Phone Number for Facetime and iMessage

If you have not updated the new phone number, you may encounter some problems with sending and receiving messages or calls via Facetime and iMessage.

#1. Open your phone settings on your iPhone.

open settings on iPhone to change or update phone number

#2. Tap on “Messages.”

tp on messages to change phone number

#3. Turn on the iMessage and tap on Send & Receive option.

tap on send & receive message to change phone number

#4. Here, you will get a prompt to log in with your apple id to use iMessage. Sign in to your Apple ID account.

sign in with your account to change the phone number

#5. After signing in, you will see the new phone number under the “You can receive iMessages to and reply from.”

#6. To update it on Facetime, return to the Settings page and click on Facetime.

click on facetime app to update phone number

#7. You have to sign in with the same apple id used in iMessage, and now the phone number under the “You can be reached by FaceTime at” menu.

update phone number on facetime

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to change trusted phone number for Apple ID without signing in?

Use your iPhone or iPad to change the trusted mobile number without signing in to your Apple ID account.

2) How to change Apple ID from email to phone number?

First, sign out your Apple ID from all the existing devices and services.
>> Visit
>> Sign in to your account.
>> Click on Sign-in and Security.
>> Select the Apple ID option.
>> Under the Change your Apple ID section, enter the phone number you want.
>> Complete the verification process and sign in to all your devices with the mobile number instead of Apple ID.

3) How to change the phone number on Apple ID without a password?

It is impossible to change the mobile number of Apple ID without entering the password. Apple will prompt you to enter the device password or account password for verification purposes while changing the phone number.

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