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How to Change Language on Telegram [Mobile & Web]

You can change the language on the Telegram account to use it conveniently.

Key Highlights

  • App: Open the Telegram appSettingsLanguage Select the language.
  • Web: Launch Telegram appMenu iconSettingsLanguage Choose language.

Like other apps, you can easily change the language on Telegram within a few minutes. If you don’t understand the message or any files, you can change the language of your Telegram account on both the app and web versions. Moreover, you can translate text messages if you can’t understand the message you have received.

How to Change Language on Telegram [Android & iPhone]

[1]. On your smartphone (Android or iPhone), open the Telegram messaging app.

[2]. Tap the hamburger icon at the (top left) and select Settings from the list.

Go to Settings

Note: On iPhone, tap Settings at the bottom of the screen.

[3]. Select Language under the settings menu.

Select Language to change it on Telegram

[4]. From the list of interface languages, select your preferred language.

Change Language on Telegram

That’s it. Your preferred language will be changed on your Telegram account successfully.

How to Change Language on Telegram [Web]

[1]. Open the Telegram app on your PC or Laptop.

[2]. Tap on the Menu icon [Hamburger icon] at the top left.

[3]. Further, tap Settings from the list.

[4]. Click Language on the settings menu.

Tap on Language option

[5]. Select the language you want to change on your Telegram account and click OK to save the changes.

Select the language

How to Translate Telegram Messages in your Language

[1]. Launch the Telegram app on your smartphone and tap Menu at the upper left of the page.

[2]. Select Settings from the list.

Note: You can find Settings at the bottom right corner.

[3]. Tap Language from the settings menu list.

[4]. Toggle the Show Translate Button to the on position.

Translate Telegram Messages in your Language

[5]. You can toggle on the Do Not Translate.

[6]. Now, go to any chat and click on the message. Once clicked, you will see Translate on the pop-up screen.

[7]. Tap OK to translate the message to your preferred language.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to change the theme in Telegram?

►Run the Telegram app on your device.
►Navigate to Settings.
►Select Chat SettingsTheme.
►Choose the theme which will be applied to your Telegram account.

2. How to block someone on Telegram?

Telegram offers more secure and privacy features compared to other social media apps. You can easily block someone on Telegram, open ContactsSelect the contactTap the desired contactThree dots Block user.

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