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How to Change Language on YouTube [Desktop & Mobile]

Change YouTube to your preferred or native language and access all its features with ease.

YouTube is a video streaming platform where you can watch videos in all categories. By uploading your video and live streaming your gaming session or any other activities, you can also earn money on YouTube. There are so many languages spoke around the globe, and the YouTube platform supports most of them. Generally, YouTube will go with the default language that you assigned on the device, both Smartphone, and PC. If you want to change the language on YouTube for better understanding, the following section will help you with the step-by-step procedure.

Change YouTube Language on Desktop

Step 1: Open YouTube in your desktop browser.

Step 2: Click on the profile icon in the top right corner of the YouTube homepage.

Profile icon - How To Change Language In YouTube

Step 3: Select the Languages from the menu.


Step 4: Select the preferred language from the list.

select language - How To Change Language In YouTube

Step 5: Now, the YouTube page will be changed into the language that you selected.

How to Change YouTube Language in Smartphone

Unlike the web version, the YouTube app doesn’t offer direct options to change the language. The only way to change it by changing the primary language on your Android or iOS device.


Open Settings >> System >> Languages & input >> Language >> Add a language >> Select your preferred language.

After adding the language, move the preferred language to the top to set it as the primary language.

Change language


Open Settings >> General >> Languages & Region >> Add Language >> Select your preferred iPhone language >> Move the preferred language to top to set as primary language >> Tap on Continue to apply this settings.

change language - ios

After changing the device language, launch the YouTube app, and you can see the app in your preferred settings.

Start using YouTube in your preferred language and gain more information on what you are watching. Let us know how was the YouTube experience in your language.

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