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How to Change Safari Homepage [Mac, iPhone & iPad]

Make your Safari browsing more easy by customizing the home page.

Do you know that you can change the homepage on the Safari browser? Yes, it is actually possible on your Mac. You can select the homepage you want and it will appear automatically upon launching the Safari browser every time. It is quite simple and pretty easy to do with just a few clicks. As for iPhone and iPad, it is quite hard to do the same. Still, you can always create a shortcut for your webpage and tap the shortcut to open the Safari Browser.

Quick Guide: Open Safari browser → select Safari → click on Preferences → choose General → enter the URL in the required field.

How to Change Safari Homepage or Start Page on Mac

Before jumping into the steps, ensure to update the Safari browser on Mac to the latest version.

(1) Open the Safari Browser on your Mac.

(2) Click on the Safari option and choose Preferences.

(3) Choose the General option.

(4) In the Homepage field, enter the URL you want to set as the Safari homepage. If you want to set the current web page, simply click Set to Current Page.

Change Safari Homepage on Mac

(5) You can also set the same homepage for the New Windows or New Tabs. Choose Homepage in the drop-down box next to New Windows Open With or New Tabs Open With.

Set Homepage for new Windows or New Tabs

How to Set an Image as a Safari Homepage

(1) Open the Safari browser.

(2) Select SafariPreferences from the menubar.

(3) Choose the General tab.

(4) Select an image field on your mac and bring it to the Homepage field.

(5) The file path of the image will appear on the homepage.

(6) That is it. Go back and choose SafariQuit.

(7) Open the browser again and you can find the image on the homepage.

Change Safari Homepage on iPhone or iPad

You cannot set the homepage on iPhone or iPad. Instead, you can select a webpage and land on that particular page every time you open the Safari browser.

(1) Open the Safari Browser on your iPhone or iPad.

(2) Enter the URL of the site you want to use as a homepage and visit that page.

(3) Tap the Sharing button at the bottom of the screen.

(4) On the Sharing screen, scroll down to find Add to Home Screen option.

Add to Home screen on Safari on iOS

(5) Use the suggested name and tap Add. It will create a shortcut.

Add to Home screen on Safari on iOS

(6) Tap the shortcut and the Safari will open at the site you selected.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Safari Search Engine on iPad?

Open the Settings app → choose Safari → select the Search Engine tab → choose the engine you want. Currently, Safari allows five search engines: Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Ecosia.

How to Change Safari Background on iPhone?

To change the Safari background, open the Safari homepage → scroll down to the bottom and click on Edit → enable the Background Image toggle → choose the Image you want.

How to Change Safari Language?

>On your Mac, click on the Apple menu → choose System Preferences → select Language and Region.
>Click on the + button → choose Preferred Languages → select your language and click Add.

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