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How to Delete Discord Account Using PC and Smartphone

Decided to depart from Discord? First, transfer or delete your server and then delete your account.

Discord is the most recognized tool by gamers from around the world. Over time, it is used to chat with friends and communities in an all-new way. It has organized channels in which the users can share videos, co-ordinate meetups and group chat. Despite all its advantages, there might come a time and you feel like leaving Discord. Just like any other social apps, Discord supports deleting the account for one time. This is a permanent process and you will never be able to restore your account information at any time. For whatever reason, if you have made up your mind to leave Discord permanently, then here are our guidelines to delete Discord account.

Note: If you don’t want to leave Discord on the whole, then we recommend you to simply disable your account. Do the steps given below to disable your Discord account.

How to Delete Discord Account?

You can carry out the Discord account deletion process from PC as well as phone. So, you may jump into the respective section.

Primary Requirement:

If you are the server owner, then you should delete Discord server or transfer the ownership. Only then you will be able to delete your Discord account permanently. Others can skip directly it the next section that deals with how to delete Discord using PC and smartphone.

To Transfer Ownership or Delete Server Owner,

(1) On Discord app, click on the Server Name box to open Sever Settings.

Select Server Settings
Select Server Settings

(2) Select Members tab under User Management on the left pane.

Select Members
Select Members

(3) Select desired user name and click on Hamburger menu (three dots).

(4) Click on Transfer Ownership option to transfer.

Choose Member to Transfer Ownership
Choose Member to Transfer Ownership

Note: Press Delete Server from the bottom of left pane to delete the Discord Server.

Click on Delete Server
Click on Delete Server

How to Delete Discord Account using PC?

The steps given below will help you delete Discord from Windows as well as Mac PC.

(1) Navigate to https://discord.com/ using your browser.

(2) Hover to tap on Login to sign into your Discord account.

(3) Click on the Settings (gear icon) from the bottom of the screen.\

(4) Select Edit button on My Account screen.

(5) On the next screen, click on Delete Account button.

Click Delete Account - How to Delete Discord Account
Click Delete Account

(6) Provide your password when prompted.

How to Delete Discord Account using Smartphone?

If you have Discord on Android or iOS device, then follow the steps given below to delete Discord account.

(1) Launch the latest version of Discord app on your handheld.

(2) Tap on Hamburger icon (three-dots) from the top-right.

Press Hamburger - How to Delete Discord Account
Press Hamburger

(3). Click on Gear icon (Settings) from the bottom.

Choose Settings - How to Delete Discord Account
Choose Settings

(4) Choose My Account on User Settings.

Click on My Account - How to Delete Discord Account
Click on My Account

(5) Select Delete Account.

How to Delete Discord Account

(6) On the prompt, enter your password to confirm deleting Discord account.

Note: If you have enabled Two Factor authentication, then account deletion takes place instantly as soon as you enter the password on Phone and PC.

Our Opinion

Deleting Discord account using the phone as well as the desktop is that simple and easy. However, you should remember that the process of deleting the Discord account permanently is irreversible. So, think twice before you proceed to delete it.

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