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How to Find My LinkedIn URL in Two Minutes

Find your LinkedIn URL directly on the app or website.

Key Highlights

  • Android & iPhone: Profile iconView ProfileThree-dotted iconContact Info.
  • Browser: Visit → Login to your account → Me icon → View profile → Copy the URL from the address bar.

Your LinkedIn URL is the easiest way for employers to know about your professional history. It is more like an informal resume. You can attach your LinkedIn URL to your resume so employers can get an idea of your career. Some users are unaware of where to find, share and customize their LinkedIn URL. LinkedIn provides a straightforward way to customize these things on the app or website.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Mobile App [Android & iPhone]

[1] Open the LinkedIn app on your mobile.

[2] Click on your Profile icon in the top left corner.

[3] Press the View profile option under your name.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Mobile

[4] Select the three-dotted icon next to Add section.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Mobile

[5] Tap on Contact info from the drop-down options.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Mobile

[6] You can now view your LinkedIn URL under the Your Profile section.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Mobile

[7] By tapping on the URL, you can either copy it or share it via other communication apps.

How to Find LinkedIn URL on Mobile

Tips! Delete your LinkedIn account permanently if you don’t want to use the service. You can temporarily deactivate the LinkedIn profile if you want a short break.

How to Find LinkedIn URL Using Browser

[1] Open the web browser you want and visit

[2] Tap the Me icon and choose the View Profile option.

View Linkedin profile

[3] You can find the profile URL directly on the address bar.

[4] Copy the URL and paste it anywhere you want.

TechOwns Tip: Check out how to download LinkedIn Learning Videos on your Smartphone or Computer.

How to Customize LinkedIn URL

By default, LinkedIn provides a profile URL with your username. If you are not interested in that, you can customize it according to your preference. However, it can be changed only on the website.

[1] Log in to your LinkedIn profile on a browser.

[2] Click on the Me option and tap the View Profile option.

[3] Tap the Edit public profile & URL on the right side of the Profile page.

Edit public profile & url

[4] Find the Edit your custom URL section on the right side of the page.

[5] Click on the blue pencil icon next to your URL.

Pencil edit icon

[6] Customize your URL according to the requirements mentioned.

[7] Select Save.

Tips! If you want to use the premium subscription of LinkedIn, visit our guide to get the LinkedIn premium for free and test out the features.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to view my LinkedIn profile as someone else?

Open your LinkedIn profile by using the incognito mode on a browser. Now, you can view how your profile looks for someone else.

How to find my LinkedIn email address?

Like the profile URL, you can find the email address by navigating to LinkedIn app → Profile iconView ProfileThree-dotted iconContact Info.

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