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How to Play Among Us on Chromebook For Free

Install Among Us on your Chromebook and play non-stop with your friends

Key Highlights

  • Google Play Store: Turn on Play StoreGo to Play Store → Install Among Us → Select appLaunchPlay.
  • Chrome Extension: Open Chrome →  Search Among Us Online → Add Extension → Install Play.

Among Us is one of the best multiplayer games and is popular among kids and teens. The best part is the simple user interface and available almost on every device. If you are purchased a new Chromebook device, you can play the Among Us game on your device. Though the game doesn’t available natively, you can get the game on your Chromebook in two alternative ways.

Note: Chromebook supports Android apps on 2017 models and later versions.

How to Get Among Us on Chromebook From Play Store

Before installing Among Us, ensure your Chromebook OS supports Android Apps. Also, note that if you haven’t installed the apps before on Chromebook, you should enable the Google Play Store to install the apps.

[1] Open Settings, and click Apps on the left.

[2] In the Apps section, click Turn on near the Google Play Store. This will enable you to install any Android apps on your device.

[3] After that, navigate to Play Store and search for Among Us under Games.

[4] Once found, click Install to download Among Us on your Chromebook.

[5] Now, open the Among Us app from the App drawer and play it with your online friends or others in multiplayer mode.

[6] Finally, you can play online or create a room to play with your friends on Among US.

How to Get Among Us on Chromebook via Chrome Extension

Alternatively, you can use Chrome Extension to download Among Us on your Chromebook.

[1] Launch the Chrome browser on your PC.

[2] Next, open a new tab and visit the Chrome Web Store.

[3] From there, input Among Us on the search bar.

[4] After finding Among Us, click Add to Chrome

Click Add to Chrome

[5] After that, click Add Extension to add Among Us on your Chromebook.

Select Add Extension

[6] Once added, the Among Us page will display on your screen, click Install Game to get the app.

Click Install Game

[7] Then, wait for 3-5 minutes to complete the download process

Wait for Among Us being downloaded on your Chromebook

[8] Once downloaded, open the file at the bottom left of the screen.

Open the Among Us file at bottom

[9] Click Yes when asked for permission to play on the device.

Hit Yes to play Among Us on Chromebook

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does SUS mean in Among US?

SUS means suspicious or suspect, which is used in Among Us to eliminate imposters in the game.

2. Can you play Among Us on Fire Tablet?

Yes. You can play Among Us on Fire Tablet, you need to install Google Play Store on the device to get the game, as it is unavailable on the Amazon App Store.

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