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How to Find Someone on Venmo [3 Easy Ways]

Search and find your close friends on Venmo and add them to your friends lists.

Key Highlights

  • Phone Contacts: Hamburger menuSettingsFriends & SocialTurn on Phone Contacts or Facebook Contacts.
  • QR Code: Hamburger Menu Search People Scan Code → Verify their details → Add Friend.
  • Manual Search: Hamburger MenuSearch People → Enter the name → Add Friend.

Venmo is a payment app by PayPal that you can use to pay your friends and business quickly without hassle. Unlike other payment platforms, Venmo offers Credit and Debit cards to users. If you have installed the Venmo app on your smartphone, you can easily find your friends and family members (who already have an account) to make payments. You can find your friend by syncing contacts, manual search, and QR code.

How to Find Someone on Venmo Using a Phone Number

1. Launch the Venmo app on your smartphone and log in using the credentials.

2. Tap the Hamburger Menu (Three horizontal lines) in the top left and navigate to Settings.

Tap Menu

3. Under Settings, tap Friends & Social.

4. Now, you can see two options: Phone Contacts and Facebook Contacts under Adding Friends.

5. Finally, tap the toggle switch near Phone Contacts to sync the contacts. Therefore, the contacts will be included in your Friends list on Venmo.

Note: You can also enable Facebook Contacts to connect your Facebook friends

Find Someone on Venmo

6. Once turned on, Venmo will show your friend’s name, phone number, and email on the app.

How to Find Someone on Venmo via QR Codes

If your friend is nearby, you can add them to your friend lists on Venmo by scanning the QR Codes.

1. Launch the Venmo app and tap the Hamburger Menu (on the left).

2. Tap Search People from the list of options.

Hit Search People

3. Under the search bar, tap Scan Code.

Tap Scan Code

4. Request your friend to show you their QR Code from the Venmo app.

5. Scan your friend’s QR code, and tap Add Friend to include them in your friend lists.

How to Find Someone on Venmo Manually

1. Launch the app on your Android/iPhone.

2. Navigate to the Menu by hitting the Hamburger menu and tap Search People.

Tap Search People to find Someone on Venmo

3. Enter the username or phone number in the search field box.

4. Once you find the account, verify the required information and tap Add Friend.

Hit Add Friend

Tips! If you don’t like to have an account, you can delete your Venmo account permanently using the browser.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to check if someone blocked you on Venmo?

You can find out if someone blocked you on Venmo by searching for them on the app. If you can’t find them, either they have deleted their Venmo account or blocked you.

2. How to find a Venmo account number?

You can easily find your account or routing number in the Venmo mobile app by navigating to the Me tab → SettingsDirect Deposit.

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