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How to Hide Messages on Messenger in 2022

Hide the important messages on Messenger by archiving it.

Messenger is an instant messaging app that keeps you in touch with friends and colleagues. It is common that people tend to sneak on our screen while using it, especially when you are chatting with someone. You might feel it to be disturbing and invading your privacy. Sometimes, you don’t want to reveal the person you are talking to. You can remove their profile and hide it from your chat list. Facebook Messenger comes with a feature to hide messages. It removes the required person’s chat box without deleting the conversation.

Quick Guide – Open Messenger → long-press the conversation → choose Archive to hide the conversation.

How to Hide Messages on Messenger

Messenger has no built-in option to hide the messages. Instead, you can archive the chat to prevent others from viewing it.

Android & iPhone:

#1. Launch the Messenger app and navigate to the conversation you want to hide from others.

#2. Long press the conversation and tap the Archive option. Instead, swipe the conversation from right to left and choose the Archive option.

How to hide Messages on Messenger

#3. That’s it. The conversation will be hidden from the main screen.

Messenger Web Version:

#1. Visit messenger.com and select the conversation you want.

#2. Click the three-dot icon next to the friend’s Facebook name.

#3. Select the Archive Chat option.

How to hide Messages on Messenger

How to Unhide Messages on Messenger

You can view the hidden messages anytime by unarchiving the conversation on Messenger.

Android & iPhone:

#1. Tap the profile picture on the Messenger app.

#2. Select Archived chats.

Archived Chats on Messenger

#3. You can find all the hidden or archived messages on Facebook Messenger.

#4. Swipe the conversation from right to left and choose Unarchive.

Unarchive the chat

Messenger Web Version:

#1. On the Messenger web version, click on your profile picture.

#2. Choose Archived chats.

How to unhide Messages on Messenger

#3. Tap the three-dot icon next to the respective person’s name.

#4. Select the Unarchive chat option.

Unarchive the chat


Frequently Asked Questions

How to hide birthday wishes on your Facebook timeline?

>Open Facebook and navigate to the birthday wish post on your timeline.
>Tap the three-dotted icon at the top right corner of the birthday wish thread.
>Click on the Hide from profile option.

How to remove spam messages in Messenger without replying?

>Open the required conversation on the Messenger app.
>Tap the profile picture and choose Privacy and Support.
>Choose Ignore Messages.

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