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How to Insert Emoji in Microsoft Word

Insert emoji on Microsoft Word to make your document look modern and lively

Key Highlights

  • Windows: Press Windows + Semicolon on the keyboard → Insert emoji.
  • Mac: Press Control + Command + Space on the keyboard → Insert emoji.
  • Add-ins: Insert → Get Add-ins Input Emoji Keyboard Add → Continue → Click Emoji Keyboard Select an emoji.
  • Symbol: Insert → Symbol → More Symbols Choose a symbol → Insert.

Emojis are nothing but icons used by people to express views or emotions. These emojis are most widely used in social media apps like Instagram, WhatsApp, and more. In addition, you can insert the emoji in the Microsoft Word document. But, unfortunately, you can’t add it directly like on smartphones. You can insert it into the document by using the shortcut keys and menus.

How to Insert Emoji on Microsoft Word Via Keyboard Shortcut

You can add emojis anywhere on Microsoft Word using Keyboard shortcuts. The following steps will work on all operating systems, like Windows 10, 11, and macOS.

[1] Open the Microsoft Word application on your Windows or Mac.

[2] After that, open a new file or open an existing file.

[3] From there, follow the steps below.

  • If you’re using Windows 10 or 11, press Windows + Semicolon to open the emoji package on your window.
Pres Windows +Semi-colon
  • On Mac, press Control + Command + Space to open the emoji picker.
press Control + Command + Space

[4] Choose the emoji and place it wherever you like.

Select an emoji

Note: If you have used an emoji picker in the past, it will show frequently used emojis first for your convenient use.

[5] If you want to find a specific emoji from the list, you can just type the name to find it.

[6] After inserting emojis into your Word document, you can resize them and make the emoji large or small by adjusting the font size just as we do in text documents.

Inserting emoji on Word

[7] However, the emoji style will differ on each device and platform, like Microsoft, Apple, and Google.

Same emoji on different platforms

How to Insert Emoji on Microsoft Word Using Add-ins

Add-ins are one of the development options on applications like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, allowing users to add custom command features. Using this feature, you can download Emoji Keyboard add-ins on your Word document to insert emojis.

[1] After opening the Word document, click Insert.

Choose Insert

[2] Under Insert, choose Get Add-ins.

Click Get Add-ins option

[3] Now, under Add-ins Store, type Emoji Keyboard in the search bar.

[4] After that, click the Add-in and hit Add.

Hit Add to insert emoji on Word

[5] Select Continue to add the Emoji Keyboard to your Word document.

Click Continue to insert emoji on Word

[6] The Emoji keyboard Add-On will appear on the top-right of your document.

Select Emoji keyboard

[7] Click on it, and choose your favorite emoji from the available emojis.

[8] You can use the Search bar and find your favorite emoji to insert into your Word document.

Click Search to find emoji on Word

[9] In the Emoji Keyboard, you can change the skin tone and adjust the size of a specific emoji before inserting it into Word.

[9] Once added, you can use your cursor to change the emoji’s structure and position.

Change the emoji structure and position on Word

How to Insert Symbol as Emoji on Word Document

You can also add default symbols as emojis on your Word document without using Add-ins or keyboard shortcuts.

[1] Open the Word document and select Insert.

[2] After that, click Symbol.

[3] Under Symbol, select More Symbols.

Select More Symbols

[4] From there, choose your favorite emoji symbol and click Insert to add the symbol on the Word document.

Click Insert option to Insert Emoji in Microsoft Word

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can you enable dark mode on Microsoft Word?

Yes. You can easily enable the dark mode on your Microsoft Word document and use the platform to get a new experience.

2. Can you insert the degree symbol in Word?

Yes. You can add or insert the degree symbol on Microsoft Word in four methods: Shortcut keys, Character Maps, Copy & Paste, and Symbol menu.

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