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How to Track Sleep on Apple Watch

Track your Sleep on your Apple Watch and adjust your sleep schedule.

Apple Watch has several unique features like replying to text messages, attending phone calls, setting alarms, and more. Apart from that, it also helps in tracking things related to health and fitness. You can use Apple Watch to track and optimize your sleep experience. The Sleep feature on Apple Watch precisely keeps track of your daily sleep and maintains the sleep schedule.

How to Set Up Sleep on Apple Watch

[1]. Turn on your Apple Watch and navigate to the Sleep app.

Track Sleep on Apple Watch

[2]. Now, follow the on-screen instruction to set up a sleep schedule.

Add a Sleep Schedule on your Apple Watch

[1]. Launch the Sleep app and scroll down to find Full Schedule. Select it.

Track Sleep on Apple Watch

[2]. Toggle the Sleep Schedule switch to the ON position.

Track Sleep on Apple Watch

[3]. On the Set Your First Schedule page, select the Everyday option under the Active On section to activate your sleep schedule every day.

select the Everyday option

[4]. You can customize the days to remove the wake-up alarm.

[5]. Click on the Alarm button to set a wake-up time.

[6]. Set the time on the alarm clock face using the Digital crown.

[7]. Finally, hit the green Tickmark at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Track Sleep on Apple Watch

[8]. Similarly, set the Bedtime on your watch.

 set the Bedtime on your Apple watch

How to Set up Sleep on Apple Watch Using the Health App

Place your Apple Watch on the charger and ensure that it is paired with the Apple Watch.

[1]. Unlock your iPhone and launch the Health app.

[2]. Under the Set Up Sleep section, tap on Get Started button.

 tap on Get Started button.

[3]. Set the sleep goal time and tap the Next button at the bottom.

[4]. Toggle On the Sleep Schedule switch and then Select the days and then tap Add.

[5]. Click on Add Schedule option to add another sleep schedule.

Click on Add Schedule option

[6]. Tap Next and follow the on-screen prompts to enable or skip other features like Sleep screen, Wind Down, and many more.

[7]. Finally, tap Done to finish the process.

How to View your Sleep History on Health App

[1]. Open the Health app on your iPhone.

[2]. Tap on the Browse option at the bottom of the screen.

[3]. Select the Sleep option. Alternatively, you can click on the Sleep option on the summary page if you have saved it as a favorite.

Select the Sleep option to View your Sleep History

[4]. Select any one of the following tabs to view your Sleep history.

  • D – To view the Daily Sleep report.
  • W – To view your past week’s sleep history.
  • M – Past Month’s sleep history
  • 6M – Last 6 months’ sleep history.
 Track Your Sleep on Apple Watch

On Apple Watch

[1]. Open the Sleep app on your watch.

[2]. Scroll down to view your previous day’s sleep history.

 Track Your Sleep on Apple Watch

Third-Party Apps to Track Your Sleep on Apple Watch

Instead of the built-in health app, you can also use third-party sleep Apps on Apple Watch

AppPriceDownload Link
Sleep++Free with in-app purchase
PillowFree with in-app purchase
SleepWatchPremium – $29.99/year
Sleep CycleBasic – Free
Premium – $3.99/month or $29.99/year

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to track Sleep on Apple Watch without a Schedule?

You cannot track your sleep on your Apple Watch without enabling the schedule, and you need to activate the sleep mode on your watch.

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