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How to Unblock Someone on Messenger

Need to unblock someone on Messenger? You can unblock the person within a few steps

Key Highlights

  • Desktop app: Profile picturePreferencesAccount settingsBlockingBlock messagesUnblock
  • Android/iOS app: Profile picturePrivacyBlocked AccountsUnblock Messages and CallsUnblock
  • Web: Profile picturePreferencesManage BlockingBlock messagesSee your blocked listUnblock

With the blocking option, you can block your friends and others on Messenger whom you are uncomfortable talking to. But, if you have second thoughts after blocking someone on Messenger, you can unblock them anytime.

Steps to Unblock Someone on Messenger [iPhone]

1. Launch the Messenger app on your iOS device, and tap the Profile icon in the top left (On chats).

2. Under the Profile menu, click Privacy.

Select Privacy option

3. Next, click Blocked Accounts.

Select Blocked account

4. Select an account that you want to unblock.

5. Next, click Unblock Messages and Calls Unblock.

Method to Unblock someone on Messenger

Steps to Unblock Someone on Messenger (Android)

1. Open your Messenger app on your Android smartphone.

2. Select the Profile picture (Top left).

3. Click PrivacyBlocked Accounts.

4. Select the account that you want to unblock.

5. Select Unblock Message and Calls on the next page, and finally click Unblock.

Method to unblock someone on Messenger

Tips! If you have created a Messenger group and it is needed no more, you can delete the Messenger group in two ways.

Unblock Someone Using Desktop App

Unblocking persons on the Messenger desktop app is similar for Windows and Mac.

1. Launch the Messenger app and click your Profile icon.

2. Click PreferencesAccount Settings (It will lead you to the Facebook settings).

3. Next, click Blocking, scroll through, and select Block Messages.

4. Finally, click Unblock (Next to the person’s username).

Unblock Someone on Messenger Using Browser

1. Open a browser on the desktop, and visit Messenger’s official site.

2. Select the Profile picture and go to Preferences.

3. Under Preferences, select Manage Blocking

Select Manage Blocking option

4. It will redirect to the Facebook page (Block settings). Select Block messagesSee your blocked list.

Note: You can go through Block messages from the Facebook site. Messenger iconThree dotsBlock SettingsEdit in Block usersBlock messages.

Select Blocked List option

5. Click Unblock next to the account.

Method to Unblock Someone on Messenger

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I unblock someone on Messenger after deleting the conversation?

Yes. Messenger offers the feature to unblock someone even after deleting the conversation. You can even unblock them on Facebook.

2. How to unblock someone on Facebook dating?

On the Facebook app, tap the Hamburger menuDatingSettingsGeneralPrivacy settingsBlockingUnblock the person.

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