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What is Twitter CoTweets and How it Works

Invite your friend to share ownership on a tweet posted by you.

Twitter is one of the largest Social media platforms, with millions of active users. Using Twitter, you can express your thoughts by posting a tweet, sharing pictures, embedding a video, etc. Twitter acts as a platform for businesses to grow, people to gain influence, and as a place of information. Now, Twitter has launched a new feature called CoTweets. Currently, the feature is in the testing stage. The new feature allows you to collaborate in posting a single tweet and share the spotlight.


How Twitter CoTweets Work

CoTweet is a feature that combines two people as an author on a single tweet. If you are posting a Tweet and want another person to be your co-author, you can use the CoTweet feature and send a request. To use CoTweeting, you need the co-author to have a public account and follow your Twitter account. The co-author should accept the incoming request from the author for CoTweet. Tweets shared as CoTweets appear on both timelines of the authors. The CoTweets can be retweeted, commented on, and can’t be shared by others. But, the main author can pin the tweet.

Twitter CoTweets Invitation

Twitter says that they are exploring ways to make people collaborate on Twitter. They have also introduced this feature as a testing phase to see how people and businesses respond to this feature and utilize it. The feature is now active to limited accounts in the USA, Canada, and Korea.

If you send a CoTweet request to a person, they will get an invitation in their feed and another in their DMs. You can even block Twitter accounts from stopping sending you the CoTweet request. The best part is that you can send unlimited CoTweet requests to others.

The Names of author and Coauthor in a Twitter CoTweets

The Co-tweeted tweet will have both person’s IDs on the top of the tweet. If this feature is beneficial to all and well received, then Twitter may officially announce and include this feature to all users in the future update.

How to CoTweet on Twitter

If you don’t have the Twitter app on your smartphone, download and install it from the Google Play Store and App Store.

1. Launch Twitter on your smartphone.

2. Go to Tweet Composer.

3. You must include a co-author message and click on the CoTweet icon.

4. Afterward, choose a co-author to your follower’s list.

5. Once you have selected, click on the CoTweet icon.

6. If your request has been approved by the co-author i.e., your follower, it will be cotweeted.



Thus, Twitter is testing the CoTweets feature to collaborate with Tweets. As the feature is in the trial stage, you can expect it to be official on Twitter by 2023. However, official members of Twitter have also said that they will delete the CoTweets permanently from the platform once the testing phase is over.

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