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What is Karma on Reddit and How to Get Karma Points

Karma on Reddit is the points which is rewarded for using the platform.

Reddit is the best social media platform who hates social media. Looks contradictory, but it is true. In Reddit, it is very rare to see memes that are popular in other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. There are so many hidden things on Reddit, even the regular user might not aware of it. One of the hidden is the Karma on Reddit. Read the rest of the article to know what is Karma and how to get it.


What is Karma on Reddit?

Karma is a superstitious term meaning that whatever you give or do, you will get that back one way or another. Well, Karma in Reddit has a completely different meaning.

Karma is a reward or score for using the platform. When your post gets upvoted or commented, you will get points. These points are termed as Karma or Reddit Karma.

When you see someone’s profile on Reddit, you will get to see Post Karma and Comment Karma. The numbers on the respective fields indicate that the user has that much of Karma points.

Karma on Reddit

When you open a Reddit account, you have one Karma point by default. It is up to you to increase the Karma points. When your post gets upvoted, you will get Post Karma point, when it is commented, you will get Comments Karma point. When your post gets downvoted, your Karma points will decrease.

Did you know? You can add Flair on Reddit in 2 different methods.

How to Get Karma Points on Reddit?

If you want to get or increase your Karma points on Reddit, follow the simple tips and hacks.

Popular Subreddits: Join some popular and big subreddits like r/AskReddit, r/Science, r/worldnews. When you post, the chances are higher that it may reach the users on those popular subreddits.

Post Uniquely: A lot of memes and templates that are popular on social media platforms are originated in Reddit. The best example is the template mentioned below. If you post unique and out of the box ideas, you will get more engagement.

Karma on Reddit

Comments First: Be the first user to comment on a popular post. Your comment may get upvoted. Be sure that the comment makes sense or else it will be backfired.

Questioned Post: Post something that provokes other reddit users to comment. Post like “What is your view in this?” and “Which is the best one?” Surely, you will get commented by many users.

Advantages of Karma Points

Karma Points won’t give you any value. It just a show-off thing. But, some subreddit pages will demand minimum Karma points to join the page. Like, to join r/CenturyClub subreddit page, you need to have at least 100K Post Karma points or 100K Comments Karma points. Other than this, there no significant advantage.

That’s all about the Karma on Reddit. Keep in mind that you can’t ger Karma points by paying money. No one knows how Karma points work on Reddit, there is no official guide for this. To get more Karma points, be active on Reddit.

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