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How to Stream YouTube TV on LG Smart TV

Stream the best of live TV without the cable with YouTube TV on your LG smart TV.

Key Highlights

  • Turn on the TV → Apps & Games → Search for YouTube TV → Install the app → Launch the app → Visit the activation site → Connect your google account → Enter the activation code.

Are you searching for a streaming application to watch live channels on LG Smart TV? YouTube TV is the application that you need to download. For LG Smart TV 2016 & later models, YouTube TV is officially available on the LG Content Store. The YouTube TV subscription costs $54.99/month along with a 14-day free trial for new users.

How to Install YouTube TV on LG Smart TV

Before installing the app, update your LG Smart TV firmware to the latest version.

(1) Turn on your LG smart TV by pressing the power button on the remote.

(2) Connect your LG TV to a WiFi connection and open LG Content Store.

(3) Choose the Apps & Games tab and then use the search bar to find YouTube TV.

YouTube TV on LG Smart TV

(4) Select the app and tap the Install button to get the app.

(5) Launch the YouTube TV app and link it with your Google account to stream the channels.

How to Activate YouTube TV App

(1) Upon launching the app for the first time, you will get an activation code.

(2) Visit the YouTube TV activation link ( on a smartphone or PC browser.

Activate YouTube TV on LG Smart TV

(3) Sign in with the Google account linked to the YouTube TV subscription.

(4) Enter the activation code displayed on the LG TV.

(5) After activating the app, you can stream the Live channels on your TV.

Watch YouTube TV Using Browser

If you are not able to find YouTube TV app on the LG Content Store, then try using this method:

#1. Open the browser on your LG Smart TV.

Watch YouTube TV with Browser

#2. Go to “”

#3. Sign in with the Google account that you’ve used to purchase YouTube TV.

How to Watch YouTube TV on Older LG Smart TV

The only possible way to watch YouTube TV on an older model is by connecting streaming devices like Firestick, Roku, and Google TV.

#1. Connect any one of these devices to the HDMI port of your TV.

#2. Turn on your TV and connect the streaming device to a WiFi connection.

#3. Head to the respective app store and install the YouTube TV app.

#4. Activate the app and stream the channel you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why YouTube TV keeps buffering on LG Smart TV?

You will have a buffering issue on LG Smart TV if you have a slow internet connection. If there is an issue with the internet connection, restart the modem.

Why YouTube TV keeps crashing on LG Smart TV?

Using the outdated version of the YouTube TV app is the primary reason behind the app crashing now and then. So head to the app store and update the app.

Why can’t I find the YouTube TV app on LG Smart TV?

YouTube TV is only supported on TVs released in 2016 & later. If you had an older model, you can’t find the app.

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