Apple’s iOS 13.4 could turn your iPhone and Apple Watch as car keys

The first beta version with new 'CarKey' feature.

On the release iOS 13.4, you can lock, unlock and even start your car with the help of iPhone and Apple Watch. As stated on 9to5Mac, the mobile OS beta version contains references of a ‘CarKey’ API which lets you use your iPhone or Watch as a car key with NFC support. Moreover, there is no necessary to authenticate with Face ID, as to work, you can just place your device near the reader, and it works even when the battery drains out.

The feature includes providing your car access to other persons from your devices. It works by inviting a trusted friend or family member through the Wallet app. To link your device with the car, you need to have the Wallet app and carmaker’s app to complete the pairing process. The Carkey can be found on the Wallet app by placing your device over the NFC reader and then you can add it to the Apple Watch.

For the vehicles without the digital key app, this feature will be a welcoming one. People should hopefully wait for their car’s manufacturer to implement the Carkey feature by teaming with the giant technology company.

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