Best Apps for iPad in Different Categories [2021]

Install the best apps for iPad to utilize the benefits of your iPad to the max.

If you have purchased a new iPad, then keeping it plain won’t let you be productive. It is essential to install useful apps to make the iPad fully functional. However, the Apple App Store has a countless number of iPad compatible apps listed under different categories. It is quite hard if you want to choose the best apps for iPad among them. Additionally, any iPad app should transform your screen into something unique. So we have kept this into consideration and have listed some yet best apps for iPad/iPad Pro in this article. Each one of them are from different genres and they will make your iPad into a more useful tool.

Best Apps for iPad

Here are the list of top 10 Best Apps for iPad Pro/iPad along with its features.

1. File Manager & Browser – Utilities

A file manager app is an essential tool for any device including the iPad. File Manager & Browser by TapMedia Ltd is one such essential app to manage your files and data. It supports viewing photos, videos, music, PDF, documents, excel, ZIP/RAR files. Additionally, you can even access Apple iWorks documents using this app. With this file manager app, the iPad users can link multiple cloud services including Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

File Manager & Browser - Best Apps for iPad
File Manager & Browser

Other features include the inbuilt search and music player, passcode protect files and more. With File Manager app, it is easy to share files over social networks. For instance, email, Facebook, etc. The user can also easily move, copy, and zip multiple files.

Price: Get the premium version at $2.99.

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2. LastPass – Productivity

If you are concerned about protecting your personal data, then LastPass is the best password manager for iPad. It will safeguard the private information in a secure vault. Just remember the master password and leave everything to LastPass. Whenever you visit the websites and apps, LastPass will autofill your login credentials. So, you need not remember multiple passwords or opt for resetting it every time.


Besides everything, LastPass encrypts your data with bank-level AES 256-bit encryption. The built-in manager will create passwords with one-click. The free sync feature will save almost anything and it can be accessed from any devices. The user can use it to store credit card number, health insurance cards, and more in the encrypted vault.

Price: Buy LastPass premium at $35.99.

3. Mint – Finance

It is vital to maintain your financial information and Mint is one of the best apps for iPad to take care of it. With this app, managing money is simpler and easier. It works as a financial tracker and keeps track of everything you spend. At one place, you will get access to your bank accounts, credit cards, bills, investments, etc. Mint will track your transactions and balances with one-swipe. For instance, you can view account balances, credit score, net worth, etc.

Mint - Best Apps for iPad

You can easily track or pay bills using Mint as it will remind you whenever it is due. So, you will never miss a payment with the alerts. The users can create budgets on iPad and get suggestions based on the money spent. Mint has multiple safety measures like secure encryption as well as multi-factor authentication.

Price: Mint is entirely free to use the financial app.

4. Netflix – Entertainment

To watch unlimited TV programs and movies on the iPad, you may choose Netflix. It is the best streaming service and the users can stream anything between movies, anime, documentaries, etc, any time anywhere. With an active internet connection, you can watch anything anywhere. It constantly updates new titles or searches for favourite videos. Over time, Netflix will recommend TV shows and movies based on your viewing history.


The interface of Netflix is family-friendly and your kids will get a safer TV watching experience. Besides online streaming, it supports downloading videos to watch it in the offline mode. It supports preview your new favourite videos just before you save it.

Price: Buy Netflix premium version at $12.99.

5. Pixelmator – Photo & Video

Edit and transform your images on the iPad with the help of Pixelmator. It is a fully-features image editor to feature powerful features. So, you can create, edit and enhance the photos or images on the go right from the iPad. Pixelmator on iPad is referred to as layer-based image editor it lets you create advanced image composition. Choose from dozens of beautiful templates, apply effects, and do lots more.

Pixelmator - Best Apps for iPad

There are lots of single-tap colour correction presets available. With Pixelmator, you can wipe off the imperfections, blemishes, etc. Besides this, you can use this photo app as a painting app. You can access painting essentials tools like brushes and create stunning art images.

Price: Buy Pixelmator premium version at $4.99.

6. Google Drive – Productivity

If you want an additional cloud storage tool other than iCloud, then Google Drive is the best app for the iPad. It can store all your files like photos, videos, documents, PDF’s, and more. Google Drive on iPad will keep all your files backed up safely and you will never lose them. You can search for the files easily with name or content. Apart from backing up, Google Drive also supports sharing files and folders with others.

Google Drive
Google Drive

Google Drive offers 15 GB of storage for free with Google account. Further, it supports working with more than 90 types of files. You can control how you share your files with others and what changes they can make. Above all, you can enable viewing the files offline with Google Drive iPad app.

Price: Google Drive premium version costs between $ 1.99 and $299.99.

7. Amazon Kindle – Books

Reading eBooks is made easier on iPad with Amazon Kindle app. Whether you want to read eBooks or magazines, Amazon Kindle does that efficiently. Browse the catalogue of eBooks, buy it and access it from anywhere anytime on iPad with Kindle. You can even explore the best sellers and titles across different genres like romance, religion, science fiction, etc.

Amazon Kindle - Best Apps for iPad
Amazon Kindle

You can read eBooks the way you want or customize the text size, font type, orientations, etc. Kindle will track your reading progress and you can start from where you have left off. Also, you shall bookmark places on books, highlight and take notes of the book.

Price: Amazon Kindle is free.

8. Flipboard – News

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings across the world with Flipboard. It is one of the best apps for the iPad to discover quality contents on different genres. With Flipboard on iPad, you will stay informed as personalized news, sports, gaming, tech, and more. It will bring you the must-read stories, current developments, and anything more. It is an all-in-one place to find the stories along with your favourite news sources.


With Flipboard, you can collect stories and add them to personal magazines. Read the daily edition and keep up with the handpicked news by the editorial team. Apart from the news, you will also find articles, videos, and podcasts in Flipboard.

Price: Flipboard is free.

9. Bear – Productivity

Those iPad users can now write down notes on the go with Bear, a note-taking app. It is a flexible and powerful iPad app that works great almost for anyone including students, writers, engineers, and more. With Bear on iPad, you can write your way from quick notes to long essays. Use beautiful themes to make your writing look great. The advanced markup editor supports more than 150 programming languages.

Bear - Best Apps for iPad

Use add to-dos to your notes to stay on task with Bear app. You can add tags on the notes for quick organization. With Spotlight option, the users of Bear can search your notes from anywhere. Apart from taking notes, Bear app users can also share or export notes with others.

Price: Bear premium version cost $1.49/month or pay $14.99/year.

10. Facebook – Social Networking

Any iPad users can connect with friends, family, or people who share the same interest with Facebook app. It is the #1 social app to chat and communicate with anyone privately. The Facebook app supports not an only one-on-one conversation but you may also chat in groups. You can share your everyday thoughts and life moments as stories. Watch stories of others and react or comment to share your views,


Facebook has the biggest community and you can find events happening near you or away. It will bring you local recommendations, original shows, trending videos, and more. Facebook supports the marketplace from where you can buy and sell anything.

Price: Get Facebook supporter $4.99.

Our Opinion

Apple App Store has a long list of apps support for iPad. There are several millions of apps available and are classified under different categories. Our top list of best apps for iPad are worth considering and using. We have tried hard to bring the most needed iPad apps from different genres for all your needs in this article. It is a way useful if you are a new iPad users. You may install them to stay productive and entertained.

Tell us about your favourite iPad apps in the comment section. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more updates.

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