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How to Chromecast Google Photos to TV in 2 Easy Ways

Cast photos from your phone to TV simply using Chromecast.

Google Photos is an official photo-sharing app available for all smartphones. It fetches all your photos and videos from your device and organises itself based on the name, size and date. It is featured with unlimited storage and even allows you to back up all your photos and videos for free up to the resolution of 16 megapixels and 1080p HD quality. In addition to all these features, Google Photos also allows you to Chromecast your photos to your TV screen. With this, you can enjoy the moments from your previous trip as a slideshow along with your friends and family on a big screen like TV.

You can access all your media files from any device by using the same Google account. It keeps all your photos very safe, secure and private to you. It automatically creates a new album and brings the best shot of photos from your events or trip. It also features automatic creations like collage, adds animations and more from your photos. You can use the intuitive and powerful photo editing tools like filters, adjust lighting and many more to your photos.

Chromecast Google Photos

Casting your Google Photos to TV screen can be done by two methods

  • Chromecast Google Photos using smartphones (Android, iOS)
  • Chromecast Google Photos using a Computer or laptop

Note: If you are using an Android mobile, it must run with Android v4.4 version or higher to cast Google Photos.

Chromecast Google Photos to Smart TV using Android / iOS

Step 1: Connect your Chromecast Dongle with HDMI port on a TV.

Step 2: Connect your smartphone and the Chromecast to the same WiFi network.

Step 3: Open the Google Play Store or App Store app and search for Google Photos app.

Step 4: Install the Google Photos app and launch the app on your smartphone.

Chromecast Google Photos

Step 5: Click on the Cast icon on the top right corner.

Step 6: Select the Chromecast device to which you need to cast.

Step 7: When the connection is established, open the photo or video on your smartphone and the same will be displayed on your TV screen.

Chromecast Google Photos to Smart TV using Computer or Laptop

To cast Google Photos to the TV through a computer, it is required to have the latest version of Chrome Web Browser.

Step 1: Connect your Chromecast Dongle with HDMI port on your TV.

Step 2: Connect your computer or laptop to the same WiFi network as that of your Chromecast device.

Step 3: Open the Chrome Browser on your computer or laptop.

Step 4: Navigate to search bar and visit

Step 5: When the web page is opened made Right-click on it.

Step 6: Select Cast option.

Chromecast Google Photos

Step 7: Under Cast Tabs, choose your Chromecast.

Step 8: Click on the Sources tab and select Cast Tab option.

Chromecast Google Photos

Now all the photos and videos displayed your computer screen will be cast to TV screen.

If you face any issues like the cast button missing on Google Photos, just uninstall and reinstall the Photos app to get rid of the error. If the problem still persists, restart the Chromecast device once. When not connected to a device, Chromecast will display random backdrop images on your TV.

Google photos has made it so simple to share, edit and backup your photos and videos. You can back up your photos and videos with its original quality, this feature makes more download this app. You never worry about your device running out of space as Google Photos will automatically backup and sync your photos and videos with your Google account so that you can delete the photos and videos from your device to free up space.

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