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How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus After Free Trial

Cancel your Fitness+ if the subscription is not needed anymore.

Key Highlights

  • iPhone/iPad: SettingsApple IDSubscriptionsFitness PlusCancel Subscription.
  • Mac: App StoreAccount nameView InformationManage subscriptionsFitness PlusEditCancel Subscription.
  • Apple TV: SettingsUsers and AccountsAccount nameSubscriptionsApple Fitness+Cancel Subscription.
  • Apple Watch: App StoreAccountSubscriptionApple Fitness+Cancel Subscription.

Apple Fitness+ is a subscription-based service from Apple that you can use to watch workout videos on Apple devices. It provides workout classes like indoor cycling, treadmill running, yoga, and many more exercises. You can choose the workout you want, and each pre-recorded video has a specific workout type, music, time, and trainer. The service is free for the first three months, and then you will be charged $9.99/month or $79.99/year. If you want, you can cancel the Apple Fitness Plus subscription anytime.

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus on iPhone or iPad

[1] Unlock your iPhone, open the Settings menu and select your Apple ID at the top.

[2] Select the Subscription option.

[3] Under the Active section, select the Fitness Plus option.

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus

[4] Now, click the Cancel Subscription option. It will cancel your Apple Fitness+ subscription. If you’re in a free trial period, tap the Cancel Free Trial option.

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus Subscription on Mac

[1] On your Mac, go to Apple App Store and click your Name in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Mac App Store account name

[2] Sign in to your account.

[3] Click the View information option and enter the password again if required.

Account information

[4] Now, scroll down to the subscription tab and select the Manage option.

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus

[5] Locate the Apple Fitness Plus subscription and tap the Edit option next to it.

[6] Finally, tap on the Cancel Subscription option.

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus Membership on Apple Watch

[1] Open the Apple App Store on your Apple Watch.

Choose the App Store

[2] Choose Account Subscription.

[3] From the list, select Apple Fitness+.

[4] Click Cancel Subscription.

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus on Apple TV

[1] Turn on your Apple TV and open the Settings icon.

Users and Accounts section

[2] Select the Users and Accounts option.

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus

[3] Select Account and then choose the Subscriptions option.

How to Cancel Apple Fitness Plus

[4] Click the Apple Fitness+ and tap the Cancel Subscription option.

If you have opted for an Apple One subscription, you need to cancel the Apple One subscription to cancel Fitness+.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you cancel Apple fitness at any time?

Yes. You can cancel the subscription at any time. To avoid charging, it is recommended to cancel before the renewal date.

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