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How to Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription [7 Easy Ways]

Want to opt out of ESPN service, use these simple tricks.

ESPN+ is a great way for sports lovers to enjoy their favorite games without using any cable or satellite services. Costing $4.99 per month, ESPN+ is a quite worthy service during the sports season. However, once the season is ended, you can cancel the ESPN Plus subscription in order to save some money. You can sign up for ESPN Plus in different ways. Depending on the signing-up method, you need to follow the appropriate cancellation procedure.

Note: Users who signed up for ESPN Plus free trial can also follow these procedures to unsubscribe.

How to Cancel My ESPN+ Subscription on Web

If you have purchased ESPN Plus from the ESPN website on a computer browser, follow these steps to cancel it.

1: Open a web browser and visit

2: Sign in to your ESPN account if you’re logged out.

3: Click the profile icon on the right corner and select ESPN+ Subscription.

4: Select Manage and click Cancel Subscription on the next screen.

Cancel ESPN+ on Web

5: Click Finish to confirm the cancellation.

Note: Your account will remain active until the end of the current billing period or free trial period.

How to Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription Over Phonecall

1: If you forgot your ESPN+ credentials or if you feel lazy, you can cancel the ESPN+ subscription via the phone.

1: On your smartphone, call the ESPN+ customer care service at 1(800) 727-1800.

2: Provide all the necessary information asked by the customer executive.

3: State your reason for your cancellation.

4: After the cancellation is done, request a confirmation mail or letter.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Google Play Store

If you have subscribed to ESPN+ via Google Play on Android devices, follow these steps to cancel it.

1: Open Google Play Store and click the hamburger icon on the top left corner.

2: Select Subscriptions.

Cancel ESPN Plus on Android

3: Navigate to the ESPN+ subscription and select the Cancel Subscription menu located next to it.

4: Confirm your cancellation to complete the process.

How to Cancel ESPN Plus on Google Play Website

1: Open a browser and visit

2: On the left side menu panel, click My Subscriptions.

Cancel ESPN Plus on Google Play

3: Click Manage next to ESPN+ subscription.

4: Select Cancel Subscription and confirm the cancellation.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Amazon Website

Follow this method if you have opted for ESPN+ via Amazon account on Firestick or other FireOS devices.

1: Open a browser and visit

2: Enter your Amazon account login credentials to sign in.

3: Click Actions next to ESPN+ subscription.

4: Select Cancel your Subscription and confirm it.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on iTunes (iPhone & iPad)

Uninstalling the ESPN app on your iPhone and iPad will not cancel your subscription. You have to cancel it properly through iTunes settings.

1: Open Settings on your iOS device.

2: Tap the iCloud name and select Subscriptions on the next screen.

Unsubscribe ESPN+ on iTunes

3: Navigate to ESPN+ and click Cancel Subscription.

4: Go through the process and cancel the subscription.

To Cancel ESPN Plus Subscription on Apple TV: Go to Settings –> Select Users & Accounts –> Select your account –> Choose Subscriptions –> Select the ESPN+ and cancel it.

How to Cancel My ESPN+ Subscription on Apple iTunes (PCs)

1: Open iTunes on your PC and select Account on the top navigation bar.

2: Select View My Account.

Note: If you’re logged out, sign in with your Apple ID.

3: Scroll down to the Settings menu.

4: Click Manage next to the Subscriptions menu.

5: Find ESPN+ and click Edit located next to it.

6: Click Cancel Subscription to complete the process.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription on Roku Website

1: Visit your Roku account by using a browser on a PC or smartphone.

2: Sign in to the Roku account that you used to sign up for ESPN+.

3: Click Manage your Subscriptions.

4: Under the “My Subscriptions” page, click Unsubscribe located next to ESPN+.

How to Cancel ESPN+ Subscription Through Email

You can cancel the subscription by mailing the ESPN+ customer support. If any one of the above-mentioned ways is not working for you or if you can’t cancel the ESPN Plus subscription, you can contact the ESPN+ support.

1: From your mail ID, draft a cancellation request mail to [email protected]

2: In the mail, include your name, account details, mode of payment, and the reason for cancellation.

3: After 3-4 business days, you will get the confirmation mail stating that your subscription is canceled.

ESPN+ is the best streaming service to watch MLB, MLS, NBA, NHL, and a few more events. You need to cancel the service once the season gets over. If not, the subscription fee will be charged automatically for the next cycle. Still not able to cancel the subscription? Mention your difficulties in the comments section. If you’re interested in reading more articles, follow us on Facebook and Twitter profiles.


1. How do I cancel my ESPN Plus subscription?

Based on your payment, there are nine different ways to cancel the ESPN+ subscription. Pick a method that suits you.

2. Can I get a refund on ESPN+?

No, you can’t get a refund from ESPN+, irrespective of your cancellation date. Instead, you can access ESPN+ till the next billing cycle.


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