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How to Reset Sky Q Box With or Without Remote

Troubleshoot the issues on your Sky Q box by resetting the device to factory settings.

There may be situations where your Sky Q box malfunctions or doesn’t work properly due to bugs or other technical errors. In such cases, you can proceed with a factory reset on your Sky Q box to resolve the issue.

During reset, Sky Q Box lets the user keep their data on the device by resetting the settings alone. Or you can also choose to remove all the data along with the settings.

Why Do You Need to Reset Sky Q Box?

You can reset the device for the following reasons,

  • To fix all the errors and glitches with the device.
  • To boost the performance of your device.
  • To clear all the data stored in your box.
  • Restore your Sky Q Box to its original settings.
  • To reset parental controls or change the passwords.

How to Reset Sky Q Box with Remote

[1] Turn on your Sky Q Box and press the Home button on your remote control.

[2] Once the Home menu opens, scroll down and highlight Settings.

Note: After highlighting, do not select the Settings option.

[3] While highlighting, press 0 0 1 on your remote control and hit the Select button.

[4] After that, a Settings menu will display on your screen.

Highlight Settings

[5] Scroll down and select Reset.

Choose Reset

[6] Under Reset, there are three options available to reset your Sky Q box.

  • Reset Settings – It will reset all the settings on your device to their factory defaults. Besides, the recordings and the network setup will remain on the device.
  • Reset Hard Drive – It will delete all the existing and planned files on your device, including pictures and videos. But your settings, network, and remote setup will remain constant.
  • Factory Reset – It will remove all the existing data on your device and revert back to its factory defaults.

[7] Choose the reset option from the above options and hit the Reset option to reset your Sky Q box.

Hit Reset to factory reset the Sky Q box

After resetting, you need to set up the device again and install the apps on your Sky Q Box.

How to Reset Sky Q Box Without Remote

If you have any issues with your Sky Q box’s remote control, you can also use the physical reset button available on the Sky Q box to perform the reset.

[1] Turn on your device and wait until the green light flashes.

[2] Once it flashes, locate the small reset available at the back of your box.

[3] Next, fetch any sharp pointed objects like a pin or needle and press the Reset button for 20-30 seconds.

Press the Reset button on your Sky Q box

[4] Once the LED flashes red and green, release the Reset button.

[5] After that, press the Standby button at the front of your Sky Q box. Now, your box proceeds with an automatic restart.

Press the Standby button

[5] After a successful restart, your Sky Q box will revert back and starts with default settings.

[6] Finally, you can configure your WiFi router again and enjoy your favorite movies and shows seamlessly.

How to Reset Sky Q Remote control

Besides the Sky Q box, the error also may occur on your remote control. So, proceed with a factory reset on your Sky Q remote control to fix the issue.

[1] Fetch the Sky Q remote control and press the STB or Power button down until the LED blinks once and further twice.

[2] After that, enter the remote code 9-8-1 using the number keys on your remote.

Press 9-8-1 to reset the Sky Q remote

[3] Now, the LED will blink four times, indicating your remote control is reset back to its default settings.

Tip! Install Prime Video on Sky Q Box and watch the latest movies, shows, and originals on your TV.

General Error on Sky Q Box

If there’s any error occurs on your Sky Q box, you can look for the causes and rectify the issue accordingly.

No lightNo power on your Sky Q box.Turn on your Sky Q box and make sure everything is connected properly.
Orange lightYour Sky Q box is not connected to the internet.Connect your Sky Q box to a stable WiFi network.
Red lightIt’s in Standby mode/the box is recording something/hardware issue.Reset your device to its factory defaults to fix the error.
Green lightNo issues, everything’s working fine.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to reset Sky Q mini box remote?

Press and hold the 7 and 9 keys on your remote control until the remote flashes 4 times.

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