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How to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV

Improve the performance of the LG Smart TV by cleaning the cache regularly.

As your smartphone and laptop, it is mandatory to clear out the cache files on your LG smart TV. LG Smart TV will store both browser cache and individual app cache on your TV regularly. Clearing the cache regularly improves the speed and performance of your TV. It also helps in increasing the storage space on your TV.

Quick Guide – Press the home button → go to System settings → select Application Manager → select the app → click on Clear cache.

How to Clear App Cache on LG webOS Smart TV

Every app holds cache files and cookies. You need to delete them regularly to prevent certain issues like the app not working, the app freezing on a black screen, and more.

[1] Turn on your LG Smart TV and press the Home Button on your LG smart TV remote.

Press Home button

[2] Navigate to System Settings.

[3] Select the Application Manager option.

[4] You will see the list of apps installed on your LG smart TV.

[5] From the list, choose the app and click on the Clear Cache option.

[6] It will delete the cache files on the selected apps.

How to Clear Browser Cache on LG Smart TV

[1] Turn on your LG smart TV and press the Home Button on your LG remote to view the home screen.

Press Home button

[2] Then, go to the Browser option.

Select Browser option

[3] To get the display menu, click on the Three Horizontal Lines. You will see it in the upper right corner of the screen.

click on the Three Horizontal Lines

[4] The list of options will appear. Click on the Settings.

How to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV - Tap Settings

[5] Turn on the toggle stating Private Browsing: ON.

select the Clear Browsing Data.

[6] Select the CLEAR BROWSING DATA option and tap on the OK button to clear all the cache data from your smart TV.

Tap ok to Clear Cache on LG Smart TV

You’re done. By clearing the unwanted cache files and cookies, the LG smart TV will work without buffering. Also, keep your LG Smart TV updated to error-free functioning.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do LG Smart TVs have cache and cookie?

Yes. LG Smart TV stores the browser cache files and app’s cache.

How to free up storage on LG Smart TV?

The best way to free up storage on LG TV is by deleting the unused apps from the TV.

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