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How to Delete Messages on Apple Watch

Other than viewing and sending messages, you can easily delete message on Apple Watch as well.

Apple watch is another Prestigious Product of Apple Inc., It is literally a SmartWatch that can be integrated with various Apple devices. It involves fitness tracking functions and health-oriented features as well. Apple Watch undertakes functions like call, messages by syncing with the iPhone. It can also work independently with wifi connected. You can also delete messages on your Apple Watch.

Some admirable features of Apple Watch are workout-tracking, GPS tracking, ECG readings, heart rate monitoring, Siri commands, ticket, and boarding pass viewings, sleep tracking, etc.,

Before proceeding any further, you should always remember to sync your Apple Watch to that particular iPhone from which you would like to delete the messages. Here are the simple ways in which you could delete messages through the smartwatch.

Apple watch

How to Delete Messages on Apple Watch?

The below are the steps required to delete messages on you watch:

Step 1: Launch Digital Crown

In order to “Launch Digital Crown“, you need to press the digital crown button on the side of your Apple Watch.

Launch Digital Crown

Step 2: Go to Messages

Open messages by tapping the “Messages” icon. In the message screen tap and “swipe left” on the chat you would like to delete.

Go to messages

Step 3: Delete The Message

After swiping left you will get two Options “Details and Trash”. Tap trash to delete the messages on.

Trash to Delete Messages on Apple Watch

And your message will be deleted. If you want to delete another message the “Swipe Left” on that particular Chat then repeats the same procedure.

Our Point of View

You could delete only one message at a time. It is not possible to delete multiple messages using Apple Watch. If we find any methods to do so or any changes in the near future we will definitely try our level best to keep you updated.

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