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How to Delete Your Oculus Account Permanently

Delete your Oculus Account, if you no longer needed it.

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  • Oculus Account: LoginProfilePrivacy CenterDelete your Oculus DataDelete your dataEnter the Facebook passwordContinue.

Many users have been using Oculus VR Headset, especially gamers, where they can experience and play games through Virtual Reality using Dynamic controls. Apart from that, it can be used to track your fitness if paired with the Oculus or Apple Health app. If you are bored with using the Oculus device, you can delete your account anytime from your smartphone or desktop. The Oculus account will be deleted within 30 – 90 days. But still, you can retrieve your account by canceling the deletion within 30 days.

How to Delete Oculus Account [Mobile/Desktop]

1. Open the default browser on your desktop or smartphone and visit the official site of Oculus.

2. Click the Profile icon on the Home page.

3. Login to your account using your Facebook or Oculus account.

4. Click the drop-down near the Avatar icon and select Profile.

Profile Oculus account

5. On the left, click Privacy Center.

Privacy Center

6. Scroll down to the bottom and click Delete your Oculus Data.

Delete Oculus data and account

7. On the next page, click Delete your Data at the bottom.

8. Now, you will be required to enter the password of your Facebook account.

9. Enter the password and click Continue.

10. Finally, you can see the Deactivation Successful on the next page.

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What Happens After Deleting My Oculus Account?

Once your Oculus account gets deleted permanently, certain things can’t be retrieved. They are

1. The Oculus apps you have installed and purchased.

2. Achievements you have done so far.

3. Friends lists and interactions with them.

4. The content created by you will get deleted.

How to Cancel Oculus Account Deletion

If you want to retrieve your account again, you can cancel the Oculus account deletion within 30 days of the deletion request.

Using Facebook Account

  • If you have logged into Oculus using your Facebook account, log in to your Facebook account and tap Cancel Deletion.

Using Oculus Account

  • If you have logged in using your Oculus account, you can contact Oculus Support and request to cancel your account deletion.

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How to Cancel App Subscription on Meta Quest

If you like to hold your Oculus account but like to cancel the subscription, you can terminate it in two different ways.

Using Meta Quest

1. Open the Meta Quest app on your smartphone.

2. Click Menu and go to Settings.

Oculus Mobile app

3. Choose Subscriptions and select the app to which you have subscribed.

4. Select Cancel Subscription.

5. Lastly, tap Confirm when asked for confirmation.

Using VR Headset

1. Wear the Headset and go to Your Account (on the left).

2. Next, select Subscriptions and choose the app you like to cancel the subscription.

3. Choose Cancel SubscriptionConfirm.

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