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How to Have No Name in Among Us

How to play Among Us on mobile and PC without a name?

Among Us is a popular online multiplayer game where you need to find the real impostor before they kill everyone on the ship. One of the interesting features of Among Us is that you can use a blank or no name for your character to make it invisible. It will appear over the character’s head. By doing so, you will get unnoticed by your friends.

However, the feature is only available while playing the local game with your friends. You can’t use this trick for the online mode. While playing online, you can use tiny characters like a dot to get unnoticed. It is also a useful feature to kill others when you’re an impostor.

no name in Among Us

How to Have a Blank or No Name in Among Us on Local Games

If you are using a smartphone, having an invisible or blank name in Among Us is possible for local games.

(1) Launch the Among Us game on your smartphone (Android or iPhone).

(2) Tap Local.

(3) Now Minimize the game.

(4) Launch a messaging application and copy the blank space ” ” (without quotations).

copy paste the blank space to have no name in Among Us

(5) Now, go to Among Us and click on the name field.

(6) Remove the existing name and paste the blank space you copied.

(7) Click on the checkmark to save the changes.

(8) Click on Create game and play Among Us with no name.

paste the space

How to Have Nearly No Name in Among Us [Online Mode]

(1) Before launching the Among Us name, launch the notes app or messaging app and copy the dot symbol “.” (without quotations).

copy dot alone

(2) Now, launch the game and click on the Online mode.

Tap Online

(3) Tap the name field and paste the dot symbol.

(4) Now, choose any of the displayed options.

  • Create Game – Start the game as a host
  • Find Game – Join someone’s game
  • Enter Code – Join a private game
go to user name to have no name in Among Us

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How to have no name in Among US PC?

On the Windows version of Among Us, you can include only letters and numbers. You can’t add special characters like a dot, space, etc.

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