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How to Limit Comments on TikTok [App & Website]

Use the Comment Filters, limit who can comment on your videos.

In the TikTok platform, you can limit and moderate comments with advanced features. You can restrict others from posting a comment, choose a moderator to monitor all the comments, delete unwanted comments, and more. If you are getting too many abusive comments on TikTok, you can limit the comments using the Privacy feature. You can also go a step ahead and report the comment too.

How to Limit Comments on TikTok

1. Open the TikTok app or the website.

2. Now, get into your profile page.

3. Click on the three-lined or three-dotted icon. It is available at the top right corner of the screen.

Click on the Menu icon on Tiktok.

4. Now, the Settings and Privacy page will appear.

5. Under the Account option, select the Privacy feature.

Under Account, select Privacy

6. Now, click on Comments under Safety.

Click on Comments.

7. Under Who Can Comment on Your Videos, select your preference.

Under Who Can Comment on Your Videos, select your preference to Limit Comments on Tiktok.
  • Everyone – All the people who watch your video can comment.
  • Friends – People who only follow you can comment.
  • No One – Nobody can comment on your video.

8. We suggest you choose the Friends option for better usage.

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Use Comment Filters to Limit the Comments on TikTok

You can use the Comment Filter options to limit certain comments that you don’t want to see. If you enable this feature, everyone can comment on your video with certain restrictions.

Go to the Comment menu on the TikTok app and scroll down to the Comment Filters menu. You will get three options.

Filter All Comments

The Filter All Comments option will hide all the comments that people have made on your videos.

Filter Spam and Offensive Comments

When you enable this option, the comments that are identified to be spam or vulgar will be hidden.

Filter Keyword

This option will hide the comments that contain specific keywords. When you click on this option, a virtual keyboard will arise, asking you to enter a keyword. For example, if you are sick of the word Lazy, enable the Filter Keyword option and type Lazy using the virtual keyboard. If somebody comments on you with the word Lazy, that particular comment will be hidden.

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How to See Limited Comments on TikTok

All the comments that are filtered will be waiting for your approval. To review the comments, go to the Comment Management page and choose the Review filtered comments option. Tap the Approve option to approve the comment and click the Delete option to delete the comments. If any of these filter options are not available for you, you need to update the TikTok app.

How to Limit Comments on Specific Posts

If you do not want to receive any comments on any particular video, you can disable the comments for that video alone.

1. Select the video that to want to block comments.

2. Click the More Options (three-dotted icon) on the top of the video.

3. Select the Privacy settings option. In some smartphone models, you need to swipe left to open the Privacy Settings.

4. Turn off Allow Comments option. This will disable all the comments for the video.

Note: You can also disable the comments for a video that you are going to post. On the Post screen, turn off the Allow Comment toggle.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to report a comment on TikTok?

Hold the comment that you want to report. On the pop-up, click the Report button. If you want, you can select up to 100 comments and report them in bulk.

How to limit a comment from a specific TikTok profile?

If you want to limit a comment from a specific profile, you can block the profile on TikTok.

How to hide comments on TikTok Live?

Tap the screen and swipe right to hide the comments. Swipe left to see the comments. If you are hosting the live video, you can assign a Moderator to filter the comments.

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