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How to Pin Tabs in Safari on iPhone With iOS 16

Pin the tabs on Safari on your iPhone to access the websites easily.

Key Highlights

  • Method 1: Launch the Safari browser → Open WebsiteTabs icon → Long press on website screen→ Pin Tab option.
  • Method 2: Launch the Safari browser → Open Website → Long press URLPin Tab option.

iOS 16 has introduced many new features to the users with iPhone 8 & above models. Among them, the Safari browser has received the most awaited feature of pinning a tab. By updating your iPhone to iOS 16, you can pin tabs or websites on the Safari browser. It will let you quickly access the websites that you’re frequently visiting. The pinned tabs will appear on the top of the browser screen.

How to Pin Tabs in Safari on iPhone

[1]. Unlock your iPhone and open the Safari browser.

[2]. Visit the website that you want to pin.

[3]. On the bottom right corner of the browser, click on the Tabs icon.

Click on the Tabs icon

[4]. Long press the preview window and then select the Pin Tab option from the pop-up.

Select Pin tab option

[5]. That’s it. You can view the pinned tab at the top on the tabs page.

How to Pin Tabs in Safari on iPhone

Alternative Method

[1]. Launch the Safari browser on your iPhone.

[2]. Open the website that you would like to pin.

[3]. Long-press on the URL address bar and select Pin Tab from the context menu.

Click on the URL on address bar to pin tabs in safari on iPhone

Instead of pinning a website, you can create and use group tabs in Safari to manage multiple websites from one place.

How to Unpin Tabs in Safari on iPhone

[1]. Launch the Safari browser and long-press the Pinned tab.

[2]. Click the Tabs manager icon at the bottom right corner.

[3]. Long-press the pinned tab.

[4]. Select the Unpin Tab option.

How to Unpin Tabs in Safari on iPhone

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to Organize Safari Tabs on iPhone?

-On the Safari browser, click on the Tabs icon at the bottom.
-Tap and hold on to the tab to organize.
-Select the Arrange Tabs By option from the context menu and choose either Arrange Tabs By Title or Arrange Tabs By Website.
-Or, long press the tab and drag it to the desired place.

2. How to close tabs on Safari on iPhone?

Tap and hold the tab that you want to close from Safari. Then, select Close Tab from the menu list.

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