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How to Set an Alarm on Android Smartphone or Tablet

Detailed description on how to set alarm in a Android phone.

We all know Android mobile phones are coming up with various upgraded features. Android phones and tablets are built-in with several features. One such feature is the alarm. Not only android devices, but every smart device has an alarm feature in-built. It is very simple to set the alarm on an Android mobile phone. You can also snooze or cancel the alarm you have set.

How to Set an Alarm on Android

You can set a standard alarm on an Android device with the built-in Clock application.

[1] Unlock your mobile and click the Clock icon from the Apps section.

Clock icon in an android mobile..

[2] Ensure you have selected theĀ alarm on the bottom left. Click theĀ plus (+) sign.

Click the plus icon to set an alarm.

[3] Set the time you want and click on OK.

Select the time to set an alarm.

[4] The created alarm will appear on the home screen. You will also have a toggle to turn off the alarm at any time.

The alarm is not set and will be displayed in clock app.

[5] Choose the Repeat checkbox and select custom to choose the days of the week you want the alarm to repeat.

To set a repeated alarm.

How to Set an Alarm on Android With Google Assistant

Android users can also access Google Assitant on their devices to set the alarm.

Google Voice Assistant
  • Wake up Google Assistant on your Android device by saying “OK Google.”
  • Say, Set an alarm for 9 a.m (your prefereable time)
  • The Google Assistant will create an alarm for the required time immediatetly.

Techowns TipsUpdate your Android device regularly to enjoy the latest features and to secure the device.

How to Set an Alarm on Android With Bixby


Samsung Smartphone users can access Bixby support on their device to set the alarm easily.

  • Long press the Bixby Button.
  • Voice out to Bixby what time you would like to set an alarm. For example, say Set an alarm for 9 p.m.
  • Bixby automatically sets a new alarm to the Clock app.
  • To turn off an alarm, again long press the Bixby button. Voice out to Bixby which alarm you want to turn off. For example Turn off the alarm for 7 a.m. or Turn off the alarm for later.

How to Set an Alarm Running on Android 4.4 to 5.1.1

  • Open the Clock app in your mobile and select the time to set your required alarm time.
  • Click OK once you have set the time.
  • Choose the box Repeat and select the days when you want the alarm to sound.
  • Click the Bell icon to set the alarm sound.
  • Choose your desired sound from the list available and click the Back Button to continue.
  • Select Label to set a name for your alarm.
  • Enter the name and click OK.
  • Your alarm is now successfully set.

It is very important to keep up perfect timings in every activity we do in our day-to-day life. In such cases, it is important for us to have an alarm to keep us reminded of our duties. It is not necessary to invest in an alarm when you already have it on your mobile phone.


1) How to set a custom alarm ringtone on Android?

To set a custom alarm ringtone, choose the Sound option while creating the new alarm and then choose the desired song or tone that you want to use as an alarm ringtone.

2) How to increase alarm volume on Android?

Go to the Android settings and increase the volume for your alarm under the Sounds and Ringtones section.

3) Can I use third-party apps to set alarms on Android?

Yes. There are several Android alarm apps available on Google Play Store with interesting features. Download the apps which are free of privacy issues.

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