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How to Type a with Accent on Windows and Mac

Simplest ways to use a with accent on all operating systems.

English is not the only language that uses the alphabet for any document preparation. At times the content creator might have to add some French or Spanish words as per the document’s requirement. Most of the time, the user would type the letters with an accent symbol on top of it. It is used to indicate the change in pronunciation or stress the words. Grave, Acute, Circumflex, Tilde, and Umlaut are the five accents available by default. Here is how to type A with accent on various operating systems. There are several methods to insert A with Accent on all versions of the Windows and Mac.

How to Type a with Accent

Copy and Paste A with Accent

The easiest way to insert A with Accent characters is by copying them from a web page. Launch a browser and search for the accent character you want. Copy the character and paste it into the desired location. You can follow this method on all devices, including smartphones.

How to Type A with Accent on Windows

On Windows operating system, the users have a built-in alt code functionality to type any alphabet with an accent. For this method, the user has to use the numeric keyboard. So ensure that Num Lock is turned on.

1. Open the document, be it Word or Excel or Powerpoint or web page.

2. Press and hold the Alt key. Enter the alt code of the desired character required in the document.

Alt+0193ÁA accute upper case
Alt+0225áa accute lower case
Alt+0192ÀA grave upper case
Alt+0224àa grave lower case
Alt+0194ÂA circumflex upper case
Alt+0226âa circumflex lower case
Alt+0195ÃA tilde upper case
Alt+0227ãa tilde upper case
Alt+0196ÄA umlaut upper case
Alt+0228äa umlaut upper case

3. After typing the alt code, release the Alt key, and the required character will appear on the document.

How to Type A with Accent on Mac

For Mac users, the easiest way to type A with Accent is using keyboard shortcuts. There is a distinct shortcut for each character, and the user can note it down for future use.

a with graveOption + ` + a
a with acuteOption + e + a
a with circumflexOption + i + a
a with umlautOption + u + a
a with tildeOption + n + a

For the upper case characters, turn on the Caps lock and use the above shortcuts.

How to Type A with Accent on Microsoft Word

Insert Dialogue Box Method

1. Open the Word document and place the cursor on the desired location.

2. Click on the “Insert” option and go to the “Symbols” option.

Microsoft Word Insert Option

3. Select the “More Symbols” option.

Symbols on Microsoft Word

4. Select “Latin-1 Supplement” in the Subset option.

5. Locate the a with the desired accent, double click on it add it to the document.

How to Type a with Accent

Keyboard Shortcut Keys [Only for Windows]

a with graveCTRL + ` + a
a with accuteCTRL + ' + a
a with circumflexCTRL + ^ + a
a with umlautCTRL + SHIFT + ; + a

Type A with Accent Using Character Map [Windows]

1. Launch “Character Map” on your Windows PC.

Character Map

2. Select the required character on Character Map.

How to Type a with Accent

3. Click on the “Copy” option.

How to Type a with Accent

4. Now, paste the character anywhere using the CTRL + V option.

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Can the accent be inserted on Web pages?

Yes. A letter with an accent can be included on the webpage using the simple copy-paste method.

How to type a with an accent using the keyboard?

The user can utilize the shortcut key methods discussed above to type a with accent using the keyboard.

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