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How to Update Apple TV Software [Manaully & Automatically]

Easy ways to update your Apple TV to the latest version.

Apple TV is a wonderful gadget to have in your home. It converts your normal TV into a smart TV by letting you watch some media contents from various applications. Running on tvOS, Apple will push regular updates to its streaming devices to improve the functionality and to fix security issues. The update also brings some new apps to older Apple TV devices. Hence, it is important to update them regularly whenever there is an update available.

How to Update Apple TV Manually

Step 1: Launch your Apple TV and ensure that it is connected to a standard internet connection.

Step 2: Go through the following menu to check for updates.

Settings > System (3rd gen – General) > Software Updates and click Update Software.

Update Apple TV 3rd gen

Step 3: If there’s an update, click Download and Install.

click Download and Install

Step 4: Depending on update size and network connection speed, the downloading process will take the appropriate time to complete.

Step 5: After downloading, Apple TV will restart automatically and then prepares the downloaded file for install.

How to Update Apple TV

Step 6: After a few minutes, the Apple TV will be updated automatically.

How to Update Apple TV

Step 7: When the update is complete, the device will restart automatically to display the home screen.

Set Apple TV to Update Automatically

You can also configure the settings of Apple TV to update it automatically when they’re available.

Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select System.
  • Select Software Updates.
  • Turn on Automatically Update.

Apple TV 3rd Gen:

  • Open Settings.
  • Select General.
  • Select Software Updates.
  • Turn on Update Automatically.

Can’t Update Apple TV

If you can’t update Apple TV, ensure that your streaming device is connected to a proper internet connection via Wi-Fi or ethernet cable.

If you had an error message stating to Erase All Settings or Restart, try the restart option first. If the error repeats, use the Erase All Settings option.

Note: Don’t plug your Apple TV while updating.

Still not able to update? Contact customer support to clear your queries.

To Conclude

It is crucial to update your Apple as soon as the update is available. Enabling automatic updates is the best way to do it. Apple TV also displays a message that prompts you to perform updates whenever available.

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