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How to Enable/Turn On Kindle Dark Mode

Simple guide to bring dark mode on Kindle device and app.

Kindle is a small electronic device for reading books developed by Amazon. It allows you to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, and other digital media. Amazon offered a toggle on Kindle devices to easily switch between light mode and dark mode. Enabling dark mode will invert the screen’s monochrome colors, and you will see a black background with white text. Dark mode helps to reduce the light emitted by the device screen while reading and improves the visibility for the users who are sensitive to bright light.

Which Kindle has dark mode?

The dark mode on Kindle is available only on selected models. They are,

  • Kindle Paperwhite 11
  • Kindle Paperwhite 10
  • Kindle Oasis 3
  • Kindle Oasis 2

How to Use Dark Mode on Kindle Device

Quick Guide: Go to Settings –> Click the Dark Mode icon.

[1] On the Kindle home screen, tap at the top of the display to view your menu bar.

[2] Click the Settings icon at the top of the screen.

[3] Here, you will see the Dark Mode icon.

[4] Tap it to enable the dark mode.

Dark Mode on Kindle Device

If you can’t see the dark mode icon, go to All Settings and choose Accessibility. Select the Invert Black and White to get the dark mode.

How to Enable/Turn on Dark Mode on Kindle App

Apart from the device, Amazon also offers Kindle app on major operating systems, including Android, iOS, PC, and Mac. That application also supports a dark mode to bring darker background while reading e-books.


Quick Guide: Go to Settings on the Kindle app –> Choose Color Theme –> Select Dark.

[1] Open the Kindle app on your Android or iPhone.

[2] Move to More and click Settings.

[3] Select Color Theme and choose Dark.

Kindle Dark Mode on Android/iPhone

[4] To change your reading background, open any book and tap the Aa icon at the top.

[5] Click Layout and select the Black dot at the background color.

Kindle Dark Mode on Android/iPhone


[1] Open the Kindle app on your PC/Mac and go to your library.

[2] Click View >> Theme >> Dark. It will change your Kindle appearance into dark mode.

Enable the dark theme

[3] To change your text background, open any book in your Kindle library.

[4] Click View >> Color Mode >> Black.

Text reading black mode

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Now, you will know the method to enable dark mode on both Kindle devices and apps. By enabling the dark theme, you can protect yourself from eye strain. If you have any queries or comments, let us know in the below section.  Stay connected with our social media profiles, Facebook and Twitter, to get more tech-related articles.


1. Is there a Dark theme for Kindle?

Yes, the dark theme is available for selected Kindle models.

2. How to change the Kindle app to Light mode?

Tap the Dark Mode icon again to invert your Kindle back to light mode.

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