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How to Set up Plex on Chromecast with Google TV

Manage your personal media files on Chromecast with Google TV anytime and anywhere with the Plex app.

Chromecast with Google TV is the first dedicated streaming device from Google. In Google TV, you can directly install apps using the built-in Play Store. If you want to access your personal media files on Google TV, then Plex will be the first app you need to try. With the Plex app, you can manage your favorite video content on a server and access them on any device you want. You can install the Plex app on Chromecast with Google TV directly from the Play Store.

Install Plex on Chromecast with Google TV

1) Set up your Chromecast with Google TV and hover over the Apps section on the top of the screen.

Apps on Chromecast with Google TV

2) Click the Search for Apps button to get the on-screen keyboard.

Search for Apps

3) Type out the name of the app or dictate Plex so that Google Assistant can search for the app.

Search for Plex on Google TV

4) Select the Plex app from the suggestions that are listed on the screen.

6) On the app information screen, click Install.

7) Once the app is installed, click the Open button to launch the Plex app.

Activate Plex on Chromecast with Google TV

You need to activate the Plex app with your Plex account used for configuring Plex Media Server. So that you can access all the content on your Google TV.

1) Click the Sign In button on the Plex app.

Sign in Plex on Chromecast With Google TV

2) An activation code will appear on the screen.

3) Visit the Plex activation link ( using a web browser on a smartphone or computer. Sign in with your Plex account.

4) Enter the code in the given text box. Sign in with your Plex account credentials and click Link.

5) You will get Account Linked confirmation on the screen.

Plex Account Linked

6) The Plex app on the TV screen will start loading. If you want to buy a Plex pass, click Subscribe and follow the on-screen instructions. If not, click Not Now.

Plex Subscription

7) All the media files you uploaded on the Plex Media Server will appear on the screen after a few minutes.

8) Play your favorite content and watch them on your Google TV.

Alternate Way to Get Plex on Google TV

If you don’t want to install and activate the Plex app on your Google TV, you can cast the Plex app from your smartphone.

1) Connect your Google TV and smartphone to the same WiFi connection.

2) Install the Plex app on your smartphone from the Play Store or App Store.

3) Open the Plex app and sign in with your account.

4) Now, click the Cast icon on the Plex app.

Cast Plex on Google TV

5) From the list of devices, choose your Google TV.

6) Play any video content from the Plex app. It will appear on your Google TV.

7) To stop the casting, tap the Cast icon on the Plex app and choose Disconnect.

With the above steps, you can install and set up Plex on Chromecast with Google TV to access your personal media on your TV. You can also view other content on Plex by adding plugins and subscribing to Plex Pass.

Set Up Plex Server on PC

The following section will show the necessary steps to set up a Plex server on your PC. If you don’t have a Plex account, you can follow the below steps to create one.

1) On your PC web browser, visit the Plex Media Server website.

Download Plex Media Server

2) Download the file and install it on your PC.

Install Plex Media Server

3) Click Launch once the installation is complete.

Set up Plex Server

4) You will be directed to a browser and make sure to Sign in to your Plex account. On the next screen, click Got it. If you don’t have a Plex account, go to the Plex website and create a new account.

5) Enter a name for your server and click Next. Check the box near Allow me to access my media outside my home in order to access the media on Google TV.

Set up Plex Server

7) Click Done once you have set up the server. After setting up the server, upload the files that you want.

 Set up Plex Server


What does Plex Pass get you?

With Plex Pass, you will get DVR recording, Skip intros, and Hardware-accelerated streaming on the server. It costs $4.99 per month, $39.99 per year, or $119.99 for a lifetime.

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