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Roku Secret Menu: What is it & How to Use it?

Learn to master the Roku Secret menu to take advantage while you stream.

Roku is one of the popular streaming devices that is used widely. Compared to other streaming devices, Roku offers multiple features and it is flexible too. If your Smart TV is incompatible with the desired app, you can connect Roku to your Smart TV and install it easily without burden. In addition, you can unlock Secret Menu on Roku, to use the device more efficiently. You should need a Roku remote to use the Secret Menu on Roku.

Roku Secret Menu

We have consolidated the secret menu that any RokuOS users can access.

Know the basics!

Roku Remote
  • FF – Fast Forward
  • RW – Rewind
  • PP – Play/Pause
ResetHome (5 times) → FF button (3 times) → RW button (Twice)This reset secret menu enables you to perform a Factory reset on Roku, run a USB test, and update the server software.
Restart/RebootHome (5 times) → UpRW (2 times) → FF (2 times)It enables you to reboot your Roku device. When your Roku device is not working fine, you can do a reboot.
WiFiHome (5 times) → UpDownUpDownUpThis menu helps you to view the WiFi signal strength on a secret screen.
ScreenshotHome (5 times) → UpRightDownLeftUpIt lets you remove auto pair, log theme info, cycle screenshot, and cycle ad-banner.
PlatformHome (5 times) → FFPPRWPPYou will get four options under Platform Secret Menu: System Operation Menu, RF Remote Menu, Wireless Secret Screen, and View Remote Button Presses.

In the System Operations menu, you can control functions like System Reboot, Network Pings, System Suspend, and Screen Resolution.
AntennaHome (5 times) → FFDownRWDownRWWith this secret menu, you can view the hidden antenna menu.
Bit RateHome (5 times) → RW (Thrice) → FF (Twice)It lets you view the bit rate menu, where you can set quality changes and bitrates
Developer ModeHome (Thrice) → Up (Twice) → RightLeftRightLeftRightYou will get access to the Roku Developer Mode.
ChannelHome (Thrice) → UpLeftRightLeftRightYou will get the channel info menu.
ThemeHome (5 times) → UpRightDownLeftUpIt allows you to control Roku theme settings, auto pair options, ad banners, and screenshots.
Network Home (5 times) → RightLeftRightLeftRightIt lets you view the Network menu.
HDRHome (5 times) → DownLeftUpUpUpYou can switch from 4:2:2 color to 4:2:0 color to resolve compatibility issues and HDCP problems in HDR mode. You will also get the HDMI Secret Screen with supported formats

Screenshots of Roku Secret Menu


Roku Secret Menu to Factory Reset

Wireless Secret Screen

Roku Secret Menu to check Signal Strength

Roku Interface Customization Screen

Platform Secret Screen


Bit Rate Override

Roku Secret Menu to Check Bitrate

Developer Settings

Channel Info

Channel Info

HDMI Secret Screen

Roku Secret Menu - HDMI settings

Remembering such shortcut commands will be helpful in any case. But ensure you don’t end up with a factory reset and other settings. Although the device seems to hold limited functionalities, users can still make the most with the help of the secret menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get the secret channels on Roku?

To get private channels on Roku, you must add them using its secret code.

2. Can you sideload apps on Roku?

No, you can’t. There are no sideloading apps available for Roku.

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  1. I have tried the Bit Rate Menu but my ROKU Stick goes back to AUTOMATIC at 12mps.

    Thank you for all this ROKU info.

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