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What is Secret Chat on Telegram [Send Encrypted Messages]

Use Secret Chat feature on Telegram to send encrypted messages.

Key Highlights

  • On Smartphone: Launch the Telegram app → Log in to your Telegram account → Select the contact → Open the chat → Click the Profile icon → Select the Start Secret Chat option → Start chatting.
  • On PC: Open the Telegram app → Tap the Pencil and Sheet icon → Click the New Secret Chat option → Select the username → Start sending the secret messages.

Telegram has a privacy feature called Secret Chat, which allows users to chat with their friends more securely. This feature protects the message, photos, and videos with end-to-end encryption. Secret Chat is available only on the Telegram app [Android, iOS, and Mac]. The Telegram web version doesn’t support this feature.

Features of Secret Chat

  • With the Secret Chate feature, you can send disappearing photos on Telegram.
  • It doesn’t allow users to forward messages, photos, or videos.
  • Deleting the message from the sender side will also delete the message on your friend’s chat as well.
  • You cannot store the media file in the cloud.
  • You can create many secret chats with the same contact.
  • It encrypts the regular chats and cannot take a screenshot.
  • You can also send messages with Self-Destruct Timer feature.

How to Secret Chat on Telegram Smartphone App

[1]. On your smartphone, open the Telegram app.

[2]. Log in to your Telegram account if prompted.

[3]. Select the contact from the list to start the Secret chat.

[4]. Open the chat and tap on the Profile icon in the upper left corner.

tap on the Profile icon to Secret Chat on Telegram

[5]. On the Profile page, click on the three-dots icon at the top right corner on the Android mobile. Or select the More icon under the Profile name on your iOS.

click on the three-dots icon

[6]. Choose the Start Secret Chat option from the menu list.

Choose the Start Secret Chat option on Telegram

[7]. A Secret chat confirmation screen will open; tap the Start button to proceed.

Tap the Start button to Secret Chat on Telegram

[8]. That’s it, you can now send the secret message to other contacts on Telegram.

[9]. Click the Stopwatch icon on the text bar to set a self-destruct timer for the message.

How to Secret Chat on Telegram on PC

[1]. On your PC, launch the Telegram app.

[2]. At the top of the application, select the Pencil and Sheet icon.

[3]. Choose the New Secret Chat option from the drop-down menu list.

[4]. Select the username from the contact list.

[5]. You can now send messages with the Secret Chat feature.

Tip: If you want more advanced features, get the Telegram premium for $4.99 per month.

How to Cancel Secret Chat on Telegram

On Android, open the Telegram app and tap and hold on to the secret chat contact. Then hit the Trash Bin icon (Delete icon) to delete and clear the message as well as to cancel the Secret Chat.

On your iPhone/iPad, find the contact that you have secretly chatted with, swipe to the left, and tap on the delete option to remove the Secret Chat feature for that contact.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recover deleted messages on Telegram?

Yes, there are 11 possible ways to recover deleted Telegram messages.

How is Secret Chat different from normal chat in Telegram?

The main difference is that the Secret Chats are end-to-end encrypted and won’t be stored on the Telegram cloud. Normal chats client-server / server-client encryption and stored in the Telegram cloud.

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