How to Watch The Weather Channel on DirecTV

Access The Weather Channel and its local alternatives that are available on the DirecTV.

DirecTV is a popular satellite television service in the United States. It has both satellite service and streaming services. DirecTV is a part of AT&T Communications. In the USA, DirecTV offers a handful of channels from categories like News, Sports, Kids, Movies, and much more. With all these channels, many of the users will forget the channel number for the weather channel on DirecTV. If you are among them, this article will help you to find all the channel numbers for the weather channel on DirecTV.

Weather Channels on DirecTV

As of now, there are two weather channels available on DirecTV. WeatherNation and The Weather Channel.

AccuWeather is available on channel number 361.
The Weather Channel is available on channel number 362.

Both channels will provide you with the necessary weather forecast information that you need to know. The Weather Channel is famous for its AMHQ (America’s Morning Headquarters) hosted by Sam Champion.

The Weather Channel vs DirecTV

In January 2014, The Weather Channel was removed from DirecTV when the two cannot come to an agreement. The Weather Channel demanded a pay rise from DirecTV. At that time, The Weather Channel received 13 cents per subscriber per month. When DirecTV didn’t agree to this, The Weather Channel was removed from the DirecTV network.

Weather Channel DirecTV

After three months, the issues had been resolved and The Weather Channel was back to its usual channel number 362.

WeatherNation vs DirecTV

Four years later, the fight between weather channels and DirecTV continues. In 2018, DirecTV removed the WeatherNation channel and installed the AccuWeather channel on number 361.

Weather Channel DirecTV

As of August 1, 2018, AccuWeather is available on channel number 361 replacing WeatherNation. The reason for this exchange of channels was not released by both. Since then, AccuWeather is available.


News and weather are user preferred channels. In recent years, DirecTV is not in good terms. In 2019, the name DirecTV was changed to AT&T TV. And in 2021, AT&T TV was renamed DirecTV Stream. If DirecTV continues doing this, it will lose some of its regular subscribers.

Local Weather Channels

DirecTV has more than hundreds of local stations. The channel number of local weather channels can be found by using your local Zip code. Check the availability of local channels on the DirecTV website.

Try these best Weather Apps for Android to get instant weather updates on your smartphone.

These are the two weather channels available on the DirecTV service. Let’s hope that these two weather channels are the permanent weather channels for DirecTV. If you know any other specific weather channel, tell that in the comments section.


1. Did DirecTV remove The Weather Channel?

Yes, in Jan 2014, The Weather Channel is removed from the platform. After a brief period, the channel is added back to the platform.

2. What channel is The Weather Channel on DirecTV?

The Weather Channel is slotted in channel no. 362.

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