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How to Turn On Dark Mode on Tumblr [Mobile & Desktop]

Enable dark mode on Tumblr platform to gain a new experience

Key Highlights

  • Desktop: Login → Profile icon → Change Palette → Dark Mode.
  • Android/iPhone: Login →  Profile icon → Settings General SettingsColor PaletteDark Mode.

Most users use the Tumblr platform for microblogging. Like Twitter, you can find trending topics and blogs on Tumblr. If you are using Tumblr for a longer period, especially at night, you can turn on the dark mode, which reduces your eye strain and gives you a new experience. Moreover, you can enable the dark theme on the desktop and smartphone app.

How to Enable Dark Mode on Tumblr [Desktop]

The steps are similar in enabling the dark theme on the Tumblr platform for the Desktop app and browser version.

[1] Open the browser on your PC and visit the official site of Tumblr.

[2] Next, log in with your Tumblr credentials.

[3] Click the Profile icon in the menu bar (top-right).

Click the Silhouette icon

[4] From the list of menus, click Change Palette.

[5] There are about 12 themes available on the Tumblr platform. Therefore, click Change Palette until you get the Dark Mode.

Select Dark Mode on Tumblr

[6] Once you get the Dark mode, it will be changed into the dark theme.

How to Turn On Dark Mode on Tumblr App

[1] Launch the Tumblr app on your smartphone [Android/iPhone].

[2] After logging in, tap the Profile icon at the bottom.

Select the Silhouette icon

[3] Tap Settings (Gear icon) at the top right of the profile page.

Click Settings icon

[4] Select General Settings under Account Settings.

Select General Settings

[5] Move down and tap Color Palette.

Select Color Palette

[6] From the list of available themes, choose Dark Mode.

Click Dark Mode

[7] You can also select System Default if your Android/iPhone is already in System dark mode.

Click System Default

How to Apply Dark Mode on Tumblr Profile Background

[1] On the Home page and tap the Profile icon.

[2] Tap Color Palette at the top.

[3] Next, tap the Background tab and choose Black.

Chose Black color under Background

[4] Then, tap Accent and choose the same Black color.

Choose Black color under Accent

[5] Once you have chosen the colors, tap Update at the top.

[6] Tap Save to make your Profile page look dark in the background.

Tumblr dark profile

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are some of the best alternatives to Tumblr?

If you are a blogger, you can use some of the best alternatives to the Tumblr platform. They are Blogger, Pinterest, Wix, and many more.

2. How much does Tumblr cost?

The Tumblr platform is free to use. You can sign up for an account, post blogs, and more for free.

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