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How to Get VASA Fitness Free Trial for 3 Days

Sign-up for VASA Fitness to get free fitness training for 3 days.

VASA Fitness is a fitness program where you can get 3 days free trial while signing up for the first time. With the help of that, you can visit and use the nearby VASA fitness center for three days without any fee. If you’re interested in their features, you can continue their service by paying $9.99/month.

This platform provides members with fitness training, yoga, hydro massage, spa, sauna, and more. Exercising in VASA can help you to improvise your overall quality of life by increasing physical fitness, reducing stress and anxiety, and improvising boost and self-esteem.

How to Get 3 Day Free Trial Pass on VASA Fitness

[1] Open a web browser of your choice and visit the VASA Fitness website [].

[2] On the home page, scroll down and select the Receive Your Free 3-Day Trial Pass section.

[3] Enter your name, mobile number, and email address for contact purposes. You can also click the Change Location option to switch to your desired location.

[4] Further, click the Get Your Free Pass button.

Click Get Your Free Pass on VASA Fitness platform

[5] Now, a requisition for trial pass information will send to the respective mobile number and email address.

[6] Open the text message and follow the instructions to sign up and avail VASA Fitness trial period for 3 days.

  1. If you are aged between 12-17, you have to accompany an adult while visiting the VASA Fitness clubs.
  2. If you are aged above 18, you have to provide a Government approved ID for verification.

Tip! Like VASA Fitness, you can get a one-day free trial on Blink Fitness to try the equipment provided in the nearby centers.

VASA Fitness Subscription Plans

VASA Fitness offers three different membership plans to its users. If you like the service provided by VASA Fitness in its trial period pass, you can further subscribe to any of the plans.


How to Cancel VASA Fitness Free Trial

If you aren’t satisfied with the service provided by VASA Fitness, you can cancel the membership plan whenever you want.

[1] Canceling VASA Fitness is a straightforward method, just visit and provide the necessary details to cancel online.

[2] You can also have the option to send a request mail to [email protected] from the associated email address.

[3] Additionally, you can contact support care at 801-426-8644 from your mobile phone and raise a complaint to cancel your Fitness subscription.

Tip! You can also install VASA as a fitness app on your iPhone to monitor your workout every day.

Frequently Asked Question

1. How many VASA Fitness locations are there?

Currently, there are 48 VASA Fitness locations available across the United States. You can search your nearby VASA Fitness location by navigating the website.

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