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Amazon Music on Apple Watch: How to Install & Listen

Want to listen to Amazon music on your Apple Watch, lets see how.

Amazon Music on Apple Watch is one of the unsolved puzzles in the tech industry. You can’t install the Amazon Music app on your Apple Watch by any means. If you are a subscriber to Amazon Music and need a way to access all the music files in Amazon Music using your Apple Watch 5, 4, 3 (cellular or WiFi), there is no legal way to do that.

If you are desperate enough to use the illegitimate way, you need to do the following things.

  • Download songs from Amazon Music
  • Move all the downloaded songs to iPhone
  • Sync the songs to Apple Watch

Steps to Download Songs from Amazon Music

You can’t download the Amazon Music songs and libraries directly from your iPhone. You need to install the Amazon Music Downloader app on your Windows or Mac.

Step 1: Download the Amazon Music Downloader using the link.

Step 2: After installing the app, run the app and log in with the Amazon Music subscribed account.

Sign in to your account

Step 3: After login, click the Settings icon on the upper right corner of the screen.

Step 4: Choose the Output Format as MP3 and Output Quality as 256kbps.

Amazon Music Downloader

Step 5: Now add all the Amazon Music songs that you want to access on your Apple Watch.

Step 6: Then, click the Convert button.

Now, you have downloaded all the Amazon Music songs on your PC as MP3 files.

Amazon Music Downloader

Steps to Move songs to iPhone

All the downloaded songs are on your PC. Now, its time to move all the songs to your iPhone.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step 2: Open the iTunes app on your PC.

Step 3: Click Add File to Library and upload all the converted songs. Click Done.

Steps to Sync the Songs to Apple Watch

Step 1: Connect your Apple Watch to the charger.

Step 2: Open the Watch app on your iPhone.

Step 3: Scroll down and tap on the Music app.

Step 4: Click the Add Music icon (+)

Amazon Music on Apple Watch

Step 5: Tap the Add button respective to the song or playlists.

Step 6: When the syncing process is completed, remove your Apple Watch from the charger.

Step 7: Turn on the Bluetooth and connect your Apple Watch to any of the Bluetooth Speakers/headphones or AirPods.

Step 8: Open the Apple Music app on Apple Watch and navigate to Songs. All your Amazon Music converted songs will be shown. Choose and play the song you want.

Our Opinion

To access the Amazon Music libraries on your Apple Watch, you need to do the above methods on your iPhone. Even though the Apple Watch is the best smart wearable, it is not the best enough to play Amazon Music independently. There are not many music apps available for the apple watch. Having said that, Spotify is the only music app that can be installed on Apple Watch.

If you are stuck in the middle of the process, please leave a comment below for us to help. Also, follow our Twitter and Facebook pages for related updates.

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