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How to Record Skype Calls and Save them [With Features]

Record Skype Meetings, and Calls using the recording option on Skype.

Skype is one of the best communication tools available for most smart devices. Though you can chat and make audio calls, Skype is popular for its seamless video calling features. In the app, you can make a video call to a person anywhere in the world. In a group or conference video call on Skype, you can add up to 25 peoples. One of the popular features in the Skype call is that you can record any Skype calls if you need it for future references.

Recording Skype Calls is one of the easiest things to do. But while doing so, you have some limitations and warnings.

Record Skype Calls – Features

  • When you start recording an audio or video call, all the other people in the call will get notified.
  • As of now, the feature is available on Skype to Skype calls.
  • When you record a video call, all the things on the screen will be recorded. If someone shares their desktop screen, it will also be recorded.
  • If you end the call or leave the call, the recording will stop.
  • The recording will not be saved to your device automatically. It will be available on the chat screen. If you want, you can download the recording to offline manually.
  • You can record a maximum of 24 hours. Longer recordings will be segmented.
  • The recorded audio or video call will be available on the chat for 30 days. After 30 days, you can’t download the recording.
  • As of now, you can’t record a Skype call on the Skype website. The feature is available on smartphone apps and PC apps.

How to Record Skype Calls?

The procedure to record calls on Skype is the same for all the platforms. The placement and the name of the icon may vary according to the device.

(1) While you are on a Skype to Skype audio or video call, click the three-dotted icon at the bottom of the screen.

(2) Now, tap on the Start recording option (for smartphone apps). For desktop, click the Start recording button.

(3) When you click the Start recording button, the recording will begin, and you can see the duration on the top left corner.

(4) If you want to end the recording, click the Stop recording button.

At this point, you have successfully recorded Skype Audio or Video calls. To save the recording, follow the below steps.

How to Save the Recorded Skype Call?

(1) When you end the Skype call, the recorded video will be available on the Chat screen.

(2) Tap on the video. While the video is playing, click the Share icon on the bottom left corner.

(3) Click on the Save button to download the recording to your offline library.

Alternative Method

You can also use third-party screen recorders apps to record Skype calls and meetings. There are plenty of screen recording apps available for Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone. You can use the best recorders to easily record Skype calls.

  1. Best Screen Recorders for Android
  2. Top 10 Screen Recorders for Windows
  3. Best Screen Recorders for Mac
  4. Best Screen Recorders for Linux

Note: When you record Skype calls using screen recorder apps, it does not notify other users. It is illegal to record video/audio calls without them knowing it. Therefore, notify them about recording and then use third-party apps.

Our Opinion

This is how you record Skype calls and save them on your device. The procedure is the same for both audio and video calls. After this, save your Skype to Skype calls on your smart device with ease. Tell us in the comments section if you have any doubts about the Skype calls and its recording feature.

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