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How to Get Apple Music on Xbox One

Now, you can install Apple Music app on Xbox One and can listen to your favorite music.

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  • Install Apple Music: Microsoft Store Search Type Apple MusicGet FreeHome screenMy Games & AppsApplicationsLaunch Apple Music appSign in / Register.

Apple Music is the favorite music streaming app for most Apple users. Unlike other music streaming apps, you can listen to your favorite songs and albums from Apple Music on Apple Watch, Sonos, etc. Recently, Apple has confirmed that users can access Apple Music on Xbox One. Therefore, Xbox gaming console users can add Apple Music and stream their favorites.

Apple Music Subscription Plans & Pricing

The platform offers four subscription plans to users.


How to Get Apple Music on Xbox One

[1]. Turn on your Xbox One gaming console and sign in to your Microsoft account.

[2]. Go to the Xbox Home screen by pressing the Home button on your Xbox controller.

[3]. Launch the Microsoft Store.

[4]. Underneath the Store menu, scroll down and select Search by pressing the A button on your Controller.

Select Search option

[5]. Enter Apple Music in the search bar using the on-screen virtual keyboard.

[6]. Select the Apple Music app from the search list and Get Free by pressing the A.

Tap Get to install Apple Music on Xbox One

[7]. Wait till the app gets installed. Once installed, go to the Xbox Home screen.

[8]. Navigate to the My Games & Apps section.

[9]. Select Applications from the menu list.

[10]. Launch the Apple Music app and sign in to your account using the Apple Music login credentials.

launch the Apple Music app and sign in

If you don’t have an account, then select Register. You can sign up for an Apple Music account at and can avail of the Apple Music free trial (new users) for 30 days to explore millions of music, podcast, etc.

Play Apple Music on Xbox One

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to update Xbox One controller?

You can update the Xbox One controller in three ways. Using USB, computer, or wirelessly (within the Xbox settings).

2. How to connect Xbox Controller to Apple TV?

You can easily connect the Xbox Controller to Apple TV within a few steps. First, press the Xbox button (controller) → SettingsRemote and DevicesBluetoothPress Connect (controller) → Select Apple TV.

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