Best Browsers for Chromebook in 2021 [Super Fast]

It is always better to have an alternative for your default browser.

Chromebook is a lightweight and portable laptop specially designed for people who employ most of their time online. Chromebook runs on ChromeOS operating system but still works similar to Windows or Mac devices. The browsers are the essential software on your Chromebook. All your online activities are performed using Web browsers. The ChromeOS is built-in with virus and malware protection programs, so you need not worry about malicious files. Your online activities are always protected regardless of using any web browser on your Chromebook. Among the largest collection of Chromebook apps, we list out the best browsers for Chromebook.

Best Browsers for Chromebook

By default, Chromebooks come with the Google Chrome browser. In addition to this, there are a bunch of alternative browsers you can get on your Chromebook. You can install these different browsers on Chromebook and try using them as well.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Dolphin Browser
  • Opera Browser
  • Ghostery Browser
  • Microsoft Edge

Chrome Browser

Best Browser for Chromebook

As we said earlier, the Chrome browser is a built-in app for fast and easy use on Chromebook. You can search and download your favorite content online for later access. By enabling the data saver feature, you will save up to 60% of data without lowering the image or video quality. In case you are accessing a dangerous site, the chrome browser will show a warning message to get back from your action. With this browser, you will instantly translate the entire web page into your own language. You can sync your chrome activities across all your devices by signing in with your mail ID. It is also one of the best Web browsers for Windows as well.

Firefox Browser

Firefox Browser

Firefox is one of the faster and powerful web browsers that protect your privacy. There is no need to set up any privacy settings manually as everything is set up automatically. It is developed with smart browsing features that enhance your browsing experience by blocking more than 2000 trackers. It syncs your logins and passwords across all your devices. Hide all your search history with private browsing mode. Using Firefox on Chromebook never feels unstable.

Dolphin Browser

Dolphin app

One of the finest alternatives for chrome browser on your Chromebook is Dolphin Browser. Dolphin software works well on Chrome OS. You can get all your online videos in HD resolution through Flash Player on Dolphin Browser. Apart from browsing, you can use it as the best ad-blocker which blocks pop-up ads and videos. Some of the best services included within this software are video downloader, PDF reader, Translator, easy access to bookmarks, gesture, customizable themes, and much more. In addition to these, you can use your voice to search, share, and download the files and videos online.

Opera Browser

Opera Browser on Chromebook

Opera browser is one of the safest web browsers available and it is very much compatible with Chromebook. It is a fast and secured web browser, built-in with ad-blockers. You can easily get rid of annoying ads, cookies, and keep yourself away from dangerous websites. The night mode feature provides you with adjustable lighting options to get the most comfortable reading experience. Turn on the Incognito mode for private browsing over the internet. Sync option helps you access all your bookmarks, speed dial shortcuts, and open tabs from your other devices.

Ghostery Browser

Ghostery Browser

If you are looking for a privacy browser for Chromebook, the Ghostery Browser is a good choice. It offers a private, fast, and ad-free browsing experience. You can also shut off all intrusive ads and clutter and it helps in fast browsing even on low internet. Turn on Ghost mode, to give additional security and it never stores your browsing history on Ghost mode.

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is a multi-platform compatible browser well supported on Chromebook. This browser gives you more control over your data and more transparency while the tracking prevention features are turned on. By using InPrivate mode tabs, it will never store your browsing data, cookies, history, and caches or junks to your device. Do your online activities safe and secured with well-designed ad-blockers. Personalize your browsing and saved data with a password and sync across all your devices.

Our Opinion

We have listed the best browsers for Chromebook. Always remember to use the best browser for your device as browsers secure your online activities. Chromebook is used for online browsing purposes and hence it is important to choose the right browser to install it on your device.

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