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Best Karaoke Apps for Apple TV To Host a House Party

Get to know the Karaoke apps available for Apple TV to host the best Karaoke party at your home.

Singing along with recorded music is now a popular form of entertainment. Whether you love signing indoors or outdoors, there are lots of Karaoke apps available for you to sing along to. With this, anyone can host Karaoke parties or create music at any time. Karaoke on Apple TV was previously done by using the AirPlay feature from a karaoke app on iPhone. At times, they even rely on YouTube to sing karaoke. But now, there are a few Karaoke apps for Apple TV made available and we have listed the best ones here in this article.

Karaoke Apps for Apple TV

Get to know the compatible Karaoke apps for Apple TV along with their features.


Sign your favorite song on your Apple TV with the Smule app. It is the best tool to create music and practice signing. Smule has more than 10M karaoke songs and you can connect yourself with music in the best way. With music and lyrics, you can sing karaoke anytime. It even lets you sing solo or duet songs or start a LiveJam to sing along with your friends or other music lovers from across the world. By adding studio effects to your vocals, your music will sound like a pro. Smule on Apple TV lets you do social singing and helps you make music videos by recording vocals and then adding a video. With the video filters, your recording will look the best. It supports sharing your Karaoke with friends through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc.

  • License: Free & In-App Purchase starts at $0.99
  • Other Platforms Supported: iPhone | iPad | Android | Online
Smule: Karaoke apps for Apple TV


tvOS users can get SingIt to sing karaoke on the Apple TV. It is one of the best Karaoke apps that includes thousands of karaoke video tracks with it. SingIt on Apple TV users can search for a favorite track or look for tracks by favorite artists to sing along to. It supports browsing and shows the results in a thumbnail format. By clicking on the thumbnail, you can start a video instantly. By long-pressing the thumbnail, you can favorite the karaoke videos for later use. SingIt is free from hidden fees and you need not pay anything other than the in-app purchase.

License: Premium and costs $2.99
Other Platforms Supported: Nil

SingIt: Karaoke apps for Apple TV

RockIt Karaoke

Yet another best Karaoke app to try on Apple TV includes RockIt Karaoke. It has the biggest catalog of music for you to sing along to. RockIt Karaoke currently covers 20+ genres and 5000+ artists. You can start your karaoke just with a click on a track on Apple TV. Add your favorite songs to the personal playlist to listen to them instantly without the need to search. It even supports searching by artists, songs, or brand names. Accessing the RockIt Karaoke app on Apple TV is easy with the navigation bar. It provides more than just an audio experience as it supports video recording of your karaoke. Record your signing and export it to the gallery to thereby share it with others.

  • License: One-time subscription costs $2.99
  • Other Platforms Supported: Nil
RockIt Karaoke: Karaoke apps for Apple TV

Karaoke TV

Sing your heart out by installing the Karaoke TV app on Apple TV. It is one of the best karaoke apps for Apple TV. You can sing your favorite tracks at any time from the comfort of your place. The interface of the Karaoke TV app is designed to be user-friendly and simple. You can even use Karaoke TV to sing songs on YouTube. On the whole, the Karaoke TV app is a great platform to show your music talent to the world and to be the next star.

  • License: Premium and costs $2.99
  • Other Platforms Supported: Nil
Karaoke TV: Karaoke apps for Apple TV

Karaoke Music

Yet another Karaoke app that has native support for Apple TV is the Karaoke Music app. It has music collections in all genres and categories. Karaoke Music is the first Karaoke app for Apple TV to feature top playlists from YouTube. It has music for every other need and it even includes motivational, inspirational, and pain reliever songs. You will be able to feel the real sense of music by listening to the songs from any of the playlists.

  • License: Premium and costs $1.99
  • Other Platforms Supported: Nil
Karaoke Music: Karaoke apps for Apple TV

Karaoke On Demand

With the Karaoke On Demand app on your Apple TV, you will get access to more than thousands of karaoke songs. You will have songs from all the categories like Pop, Rock, Blues, Country, and more. Karaoke On Demand app is available for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV with cross-platform support. By signing in with the same account, you can use the app on different devices without any lags. The app offers a free trial for new users. Then, you have to buy the subscription.

  • License: Paid
  • Other Platforms Supported: iPhone | iPad
Karaoke apps for Apple TV

Misuero Karaoke Latino

Get the ultimate Karaoke experience on Apple TV with the Misuero Karaoke Latino app. It is the best Latin Karaoke app with lyrics and music synchronized in a professional way. You will find music in different genres like pop, salsa, regional Mexican, etc. It has thousands of songs and you can choose to karaoke from different artists. Misuero Karaoke Latino has the largest karaoke library, with more songs added every month. It offers 200 songs for free and you can purchase the library to access even more Karaoke songs from the library.

  • License: Free & In-App purchase starts at $0.99
  • Other Platforms Supported: iPhone | iPad | iPod Touch
Misuero Karaoke Latino: Karaoke apps for Apple TV

Other Karaoke Apps (AirPlay)

If you want more Karaoke apps to indulge yourself in singing karaoke, then the following options will work with AirPlay support.

Experience the best of karaoke signing by choosing any of the Karaoke apps for Apple TV from the list above. Sing those songs that you love or your all-time favorites. Most of them show the lyrics and let you sign or make music together with your friends. Do karaoke and share your talent and love for music with the world. Connect a professional microphone or a Bluetooth microphone to sing in comfortably.


1. Does Smule work on Apple TV?

Yes, the Smule app works perfectly on Apple TV and other devices.

2. Does Apple TV have a microphone?

Yes, the latest version of the Apple TV remote has a microphone for Siri controls.

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